When I moved from Illinois to Arizona, I was in need of a transport company for one of my vehicles. I needed to consider certain factors, like finding an expert I could trust, the cost for transport and the timeframe for pickup and delivery.  I learned a lot and want to share types of auto transport services that can work for you depending on the type of vehicle you have and other factors specific to your situation.

Personal Vehicle Shipping

You can seek auto transport services for personal needs. Personal vehicle shipping is a service where the company aims to transport individual cars. If you want to use air transport, train, or other means to travel but use your car later in the day, consider personal vehicle shipping. Personal vehicle shipping can involve getting a driver to bring the car to your doorstep or using a transportation trailer to achieve this objective.

Enclosed Critical Service

With enclosed critical service, the model involves having your car transported in an enclosed and secure box or container. This is unlike services such as car haul or personal vehicle shipping, where the car gets transported in the open air. Know that enclosed critical is among the Los Angeles auto transport services you can use to keep your car safe from elements, dirt, dust, and damage. This service is great when transporting your vehicle over long distances or shipping overseas.

Car Hauling Service

Car hauling is the most common form of auto shipping service people use. Essentially, the service involves putting the vehicle on an elevated platform, preferably a carrier trailer accompanied by other vehicles. The trailer takes the shipment to a destination location, and you can pick up your car after delivery. With this auto transport shipping option, you can cost-effectively transport your vehicle over long distances. The shipping option is also safer.

Drive Away

With a drive-away shipping service, you hire a seasoned, reputable, and professional driver to drive and deliver your car to your ideal location. Like personal vehicle shipping, this is an excellent service and is safer. Most reputable car shipping companies have drivers you can hire and count on to meet your expectations. It is also faster as you have a driver working to meet targets and keep your vehicles safer. However, be willing and ready to increase your car’s mileage, especially over long distances.

Expedited Car Haul

Like car hauling services, expedited service is only faster. This service should be your option if you need your car to arrive faster at your destination. Cargo airplanes and trains are the transport means you can use during expedited car haul. This car shipping option can cost you more in the long run. Before deciding, contact the shipping company to learn about the charges, including insurance needs. Like other services, expedited car haul ensures your car gets delivered everywhere you wish.

Classic and Exotic Car Transport Service

Spending a good amount of money on buying your dream car also means finding ways to keep it safe. The availability of classic and exotic car transport services should make it easy for you. This service allows you to load, strap and unload an expensive car in an enclosed space for transportation. You also enjoy a cargo insurance policy, unlike other transport options. You can also track the shipment via GPS and remain in contact with the company until your car arrives at your ideal destination. It is safer and more convenient to use this car shipping service.

Car shipping companies play a big role in the transport sector. You get your vehicle transported and delivered to your ideal location effortlessly. Therefore, learning the types of auto transport services available for your needs is crucial. This guide should help you employ the best services and achieve your car shipping objectives.

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