Now is the time to make sure your internet is up to the challenge of online schooling. Right now you may be thinking your internet is just fine because it’s handling the light load of summer online activity. However, in a couple of weeks, your usage patterns will change dramatically, and you’ll want to be ready. Don’t wait until school starts up and everyone finds out they need faster internet before you start shopping for superior connectivity. Get service now and avoid the rush.

Online School and Homework

There is a strong possibility that the school year will be at least partially online this year. Even if it isn’t, your children will need first-rate internet service for their homework and for the increasing classroom interaction we’ve been seeing online. In either case, maximizing your connection will minimize your frustrations and your children’s difficulties in keeping up with their peers. 

If the libraries remain closed or close again, a solid resource for students who don’t have internet service at home or one that’s strong enough for what they need, then you’ll have to be especially sure that the children in your house have decent internet service.

Live Streaming

Streaming of classes, videos, movies, and other content has become a staple of the learning process. Whether or not your children are attending school online, teachers now use live streaming as a primary tool in their curriculum. Since students can’t use the library or do their work at a friend’s house right now, having a high-speed connection that is reliable is particularly important. Ensuring that your connection can meet the demands of online streaming will pay off in the long run as your children will be able to achieve higher levels of learning and accomplishments. By the time they’re in college, they should be able to confidently use their acquired online and computer skills on any project.

Everyone’s Going Online

With the pandemic, we’re all online. Everyone. Even those who have to call their grandchildren to get help navigating their way around the internet are online all the time. Because of the increased activity, some companies may have a hard time keeping up with demand and being able to provide the coverage we all need. Research what’s available in your area.

I’m particularly interested in Utah Broadband. They’re a local company that’s known for providing excellent customer service. They also fit in my budget constraints, which is huge for me. 

From my research, I’ve learned their network services allow you to have a strong internet connection throughout all points of your house. For example, your connection will be as strong in your bedroom as it is in your home office. You’ll need this kind of coverage if you never want to drop a Zoom call again. 

According to Steven McGhie, CEO of Utah Broadband, “We research and test the top technologies in the market and utilize the best for our network. We are committed to providing the fastest and most reliable internet service in the state.” 

This is a big deal, with Utah having been basically held hostage for several years by sub-par service. When that’s all that’s available, that’s what we had to take. And believe me, I’ve tried them all. 

Good luck this year! Hope it’s a great one for the students in your family.