What drives you is ultimately a way to make great money. If the last few years have taught us anything, there are millions of online jobs – and you can pretty much choose whatever you like – so long as you have the motivation to do it well. 

Training for a new career online is also more accessible than it has ever been from stretching certifications, NLP, career coaching, and design work. 

But have you ever worked with someone who had no passion for what they are doing? No matter how much you try to keep the workload enjoyable, they just don’t match your energy. 

That is where you can turn your motivation into money. People prefer to work with someone passionate and motivated. 

Motivation rubs off! Getting pumped about a project, even the minute details that can feel a little boring to others. When you are motivated, you tend to work more efficiently, which leads to higher output. Higher output leads to making more money. 

So how can you channel your motivation into high productivity and better results? 

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When you are motivated in your project, you are much more likely to keep your focus. Focus is something that we need to train to hold for more extended periods. Without motivation, you won’t take the steps to keep yourself flowing through deep work hours. 

  • Remove distraction – throw your phone in a drawer, and buckle down. Fewer distractions mean less time away from your focus. 
  • Don’t multitask – Switching between tasks can cost up to 23 minutes per switch. Working in task blocks will reduce the amount of time you are unfocused. 
  • Music – blocking out all background noises and playing your favorite tracks can keep you motivated. 
  • Set 3 daily tasks that have to be done and one top priority. This lightens the load in your brain. 


Dolphin, wolf, or bear… do you know what you are? If you don’t, you might be missing some vital information that will significantly impact your motivation – and then your earnings. 

Dolphins, bears, wolves, and lions all have different times they are productive and when they should be rest. 

This means that you could be missing a vital piece of the puzzle regarding your most productive working hours. 

Find out more about your chronotype.

Effective Goal Setting

You get so much done that you give yourself endless lists of goals for the day – sound familiar? Well, it’s time to trim the fat. Just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you should be. 

Each day you should write just a few tasks that will impact what you are doing. 

Remember that each goal needs several steps to achieve it; factor those in and build your time around achieving them. 

A goal without a deadline is not likely to be completed with the speed you are capable of. 

Add a deadline to each goal for the day, and then when you have time left – you can do more.

 Long lists can look and feel overwhelming – which can impact motivation in a negative way. And always remember, sometimes you shouldn’t be making time for things. Check out: This Is What You DON’T Have Time For In Business.

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