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Be honest, do you look forward to you your chores, or do you treat them as something like a form of punishment and mild torture?

Whether your household chore “to do list” for the week includes things like giving the kitchen and bathroom a deep clean, or whether it includes snow removal and salting, chores are nonetheless an inevitable part of life and if it’s possible to make them sail by without every moment being pure anguish, that’s definitely something worth committing some time and effort to figuring out. Right?

Fortunately, there are a lot of different tips and tricks that you can try which can make your chores not only less stressful, but which can actually make them kind of fun.

Try these tips to make your chores fly by in a hurry.

Eat a good meal before getting started

In recent times,”Intermittent fasting” has taken off as a highly popular dietary trend that can help people lose weight, and that many people claim simultaneously elevates their energy levels.

Fasting for short periods of time might boost your energy levels in a sense, through the release of increased levels of adrenaline and cortisol. But, the flipside to this is that anything stressful that you are engaging with will seem significantly more stressful, and you will also be more vulnerable to short-term energy slumps and blood sugar imbalances, as well.

Whether or not you are actually trying “intermittent fasting,” try having a good, filling meal just before getting started with your chores. Likely, you will feel much more resilient and good-natured for the next couple of hours at least as you cross items off your to-do list.

Listen to an audiobook as you work

Most of the kinds of chores that you will have to deal with around the home won’t be the sort of things that involve deep intellectual engagement and problem-solving.

Instead, your household chores will tend to be more a matter of going through the motions, over and over again, until a frustrating task is done. Take sweeping the floor, for example.

Among other things, this makes household chores an excellent time to “space out” a little bit and distracting yourself with a good story.

Audiobooks are now more prevalent and accessible than ever before, thanks to huge audiobook streaming services such as Audible

Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, try listening to an engaging audiobook as you work. There’s a good chance that you will become so engrossed in the narrative that you’ll barely be aware of the chores getting done.

Promise yourself some reward when you’re done

As a general rule, everyone works faster and more diligently when they have something motivating them – particularly, when there is a valued “reward” waiting on the other side.

In order to get through your chores more quickly, and to be less grudging of the process, promise yourself some reward that you are genuinely looking forward to, when you’re done.

This might mean watching a particular film, buying a particular item, or meeting up with some friends.