Since more markets are beginning to accept cannabis due to legalization in some states like California, the demand for cannabis-based products continues to rise. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) permitted adults aged 21 and above to acquire, use, and share up to an ounce of cannabis. They can also cultivate up to six plants for personal use in their property. Businesses like cannabis extraction companies can also sell, distribute, and produce products for adult purposes through the state-licensed facilities. They can come up with different products that legal-aged consumers can smoke, ingest, or vaporize. The rise of legalization has created new groups pf consumers with  extensive varieties of products and hemp uses

Some products, however, are more popular than others. Here is a list of cannabis-based products that adults can purchase in states with existing cannabis legalization laws.  

Cannabis Oil

It is perhaps the most widely used cannabis product in the world at the moment. While it has deficient levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that can give users a high usually associated with marijuana, it is still popular because of its potent healing properties. 

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received a recommendation from the agency’s federal advisory committee to approve the use of pharmaceutical CBD oil called Epidiolex, believed to cure several rare forms of epilepsy. Others also use CBD oil to relieve pain, help with sleep problems, and deal with anxiety and depression. Some studies also claimed that it is useful for treating certain forms of cancer. Consumers can find CBD oil in various types, including the e-liquid used in vape pens. Some manufacturers also get premium CBD oil products from extraction companies to use as tinctures that users can drop under their tongues.

Cannabis Chocolates 

Snacking on products with cannabis is another popular way to obtain all the medicinal benefits and get high at the same time. Some of the most famous edibles include pot cookies, gummies, and weed brownies. But the cannabis chocolate trend started to pick up after more companies began to market cannabis treats legally. It is a better choice for those who want to try out the benefits of the psychoactive drug without the need to smoke or inhale it. 

Since there is a tendency to have it mixed up with regular chocolates that kids usually eat, cannabis chocolates are only available in a limited capacity. One of the biggest brands is only available in California. Some people opt to get chocolates combined with premium cannabis diamonds for a more luxurious treat. People can also take the gummy candy form of cannabis for those who are not keen on eating chocolates. 

Cannabis Dog Treats 

Aside from humans, pets can also benefit from consuming cannabis. Some studies claimed that forms of marijuana could treat various diseases in dogs, such as joint pain, osteoporosis, epilepsy, and cancer. It can also calm them down whenever they are having anxiety problems. But pet owners must never give their furry friends a pot cookie made for human consumption. It may cause more harm than good if the pet receives high levels of CBD than they can handle. 

For those who want to try using CBD-induced products to treat their pets, they can look for items that are made specifically for dogs and cats. Some companies came up with hemp dog treats or CBD tinctures in a wide range of flavors that appeals to pets. Dog and cat owners may also find capsules and CBD-based food products containing adequate THC levels for the beloved pooches. It can provide them with the right dose of the compound without making them high.  

Cannabis Beauty And Skincare Items 

CBD users will feel not only good, but also look good with the help of pot-infused aesthetic products. Aside from healing various diseases, cannabis also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that work well with the cannabinoid receptors present in the skin. 

By using cannabis-infused beauty products, users may be able to fight acne breakouts. It can also aid in hydrating the skin and providing pain relief when applied topically. People can also find bath salts and bath bombs infused with cannabis. When used, these products can reportedly relax a person’s body while in the tub. Rubs and lotions, on the other hand, can help users get clearer skin when applied regularly.  

Aside from these products, users may also find CBD in capsule form. It is the simplest way to take the psychoactive drug without the extra calories from chocolates or candies or the need to light a joint. By taking it exactly like medicine, people can get all the healing properties without any complications. Users must only make sure that their state allows the consumption of cannabis products to avoid any problems with the law.