If you’re working from home, it can be difficult to look after your back in the same way as you would in the office. Many of us don’t have the room for ergonomic chairs, and we tend to sit still for much longer because when you’re at home there isn’t the regular distraction of meetings.

It can feel like a real treat to work from the sofa or from your bed, but in reality, working in this way ends up being less comfortable, especially if it causes you to develop back issues. 

Taking the time to set up a proper workspace and get into a good routine is really worth it to help look after the health of your back.

Move regularly

If you’re working at home, it can be tempting to power through all of your work as quickly as possible in order to have the rest of the day to yourself. 

While this is a great strategy for maximizing your free time, it’s not great for your health. 

It’s important that you get up and move around every twenty to thirty minutes when you are working, even if it’s just to go and make a cup of tea. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Moving regularly improves blood flow and circulation. This is important for your health, and it’s also important for your productivity as that improved blood flow will benefit your brain, too.
  • Moving regularly releases pressure from your spine, which is good for your back.
  • Moving regularly will improve your metabolism, which will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Standing desks are often used by people looking to avoid the problems associated with sitting all day, however if you stand in the same position all day you are likely to experience the same issues as if you had sat down all day.

Whatever type of desk you have, regular movement is key!

Proper back support

Proper back support is important for preventing back issues. Sitting in a chair with proper back support will mean that your posture is correct, which prevents you from straining muscles as you would by sitting in a hunched position.

If you really want to work from your sofa or bed, then make sure you support yourself correctly. Husband pillows like those you can find on husbandpillow.com provide proper back and neck support even while you’re working in bed, so you can have a lazy day without negatively impacting your health.

Desk setup

When you set up your desk ensure that it is set up in such a way so that you are not slouching. Some things to look out for are:

  • Ensure your neck is straight when viewing your screen. You may need to use a screen riser to get your screen at the right height.
  • Be mindful of eye strain. Working with your back to a window will cause glare on your screen, and working while facing a window will mean you are looking directly into the sun. It’s best to place your screen sideways to your window.
  • Ensure your keyboard and mouse are at a comfortable height.
  • Rest your feet either on the floor or on a foot support.