Supplements can be helpful in lots of different ways. Unfortunately, there are so many out there – and so many complete bs supplements out there as well – that it’s often hard to know what you should use. So, I’ve created a list of some of the main supplements I think all women can benefit from during their fitness journey. Take a look at them down below:

Iron Supplement

A large percentage of women suffer from a lack of iron in the body. This is mainly because iron is in our blood cells, and we lose a lot of blood every month during periods. From a fitness standpoint, a lack of iron causes increased fatigue and hamper your athletic performance. The great news is that iron supplements are easy to find and easy to take like Floradix liquid iron. Normally, you just need one dose per day, and that’s it. This will improve your red blood cell count and ensures you’re more energized through every workout. Also, make sure you eat foods high in iron, like spinach, kale, and other leafy greens.

Calcium Supplement

Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve been told that calcium helps bones grow stronger. This is very true, and it’s vital that you have strong bones if you’re working out. You put a lot of pressure on your bone structure when you lift weights or run/jump around. What’s more, women start to lose bone density when they’re as young as in their twenties. This makes a calcium supplement essential, particularly if you don’t like eating lots of dairy products which cause bloating and possible digestive issues. Again, calcium supplements come in tablet form and can easily be taken once a day.

A Testosterone Booster

Whenever testosterone gets mentioned, your mind immediately moves to men. It’s a hormone that both men and women produce, but women make loads less than men. This is why we’re not as hairy as them, and also why we can’t get big muscles like them. But, if you take a natural testosterone booster like Tongkat Ali extract, then it can help you on your fitness journey. Basically, it enables you to develop your muscles and improve growth. This still won’t mean you end up with massive muscles, but it definitely helps you tone up. As a consequence, you experience all the additional benefits that muscles bring to your body – such as accelerated fat loss and a better metabolic rate.

Protein Powder

Again, following on from the idea that women naturally find it harder to tone up compared to men, you need a protein powder. Protein is essential for muscle recovery and repair, which is basically how your muscles grow and get stronger. Most of us don’t get enough protein in our diets to elicit the desired results, so powder is the best solution. My advice is to get a plant-based blend as it’s a lot easier to digest than the typical whey protein powders out there. Plus, there’s usually hardly any harmful ingredients or chemicals in these powders, which is an additional benefit for your body.


Before I finish this, I just want to point out that supplements should never be used to replace your diet. Make sure you’re eating well, and then take these supplements to give you an added boost.