It’s Not Easy to Be a Mother of Three

Nobody cherishes alone time more than a mother of three. This isn’t to say that I would trade my kids for more tranquility—I love them far too much—but there are times when I would rather be by myself than tend to my more demanding maternal duties. After all, I work for my children all day, every day, and it’s a lot of responsibility for one woman to bear.

When things get overwhelming, I try my best to stay positive, but stress inevitably creeps in and prevents me from taking the little things in stride. This is why I’m learning to deal with motherhood more efficiently; it’s a challenge, but I’m up for it!

Juggling the Sports Games and Practices

My oldest two kids are into sports, and I’m committed to helping them flourish, because hobbies are a great way to keep them out of trouble. Soccer is a longtime family favorite—everyone has tried it out at some point—though one of them prefers to play baseball.

My kids are always competing, and it’s a task to manage them well enough to prevent them from fighting. Finding ways to soothe their tempers puts a lot of strain on me, but I suppose that I should be thankful for having such a colorful schedule. At least things are never boring!

School and Tutoring Sessions

My daughter, who also happens to be my youngest, is not all that athletic; she prefers to put her energy into school. Although she isn’t as physically active as my boys, I have to keep up with her activities: art classes, tutoring sessions, and music lessons (which can often be expensive: instrument maintenance isn’t cheap!). She and the boys don’t take the bus to school, so I have to wake up early each morning to get them there.

Another tough thing about being a mother is that you’re always on call. In other words, you have to be constantly available for emergencies, and there are plenty of those throughout the day!

Going to the Spa and Enjoying the Peace

Once in a while, it’s great to get away from all of the chaos and relax at a spa. Honestly, I think that I’d lose my mind if I didn’t take a bit of time off! The spa’s music and ambiance are a welcome detour from my kids’ screaming, crying, and constant questioning; in short, going to the spa is an incredibly revitalizing experience, even if my visits are few and far between. In the future, my goal is to go once every other week, and for different kinds of treatments. 

There’s nothing wrong with escaping for a little while, and rebalancing your hectic life as a mother with the unparalleled relaxation of the spa! 

Spoiling Myself at the Mall

Another thing that keeps me feeling great is going to the mall with my friends. Normally on mall days, I shop for myself, but sometimes, I can’t help splurging on extra things if I see something that one of my kids would like.

It’s okay to spoil yourself from time to time—just don’t go overboard and spend more money than you can afford!

Getting a Facelift

Having kids has taken more of a toll on my appearance than I thought it would. These days, looking in the mirror can be nightmarish—my youthful glow is practically gone!

The good news is that things don’t have to stay this way. After doing some online research, I scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon and booked a facelift. Surgical procedures like this have become more and more popular among mothers my age; in fact, a couple of my friends have gone under the knife and can’t be happier. I can’t wait to join the trend, look fantastic, and enjoy all of the physical and psychological benefitsGone will be the days of worrying about leaving the house looking ten years older than I actually am!

Guest writer Janay Tabor is a mother of three and wife to a husband who travels 10 months out of the year. She is trying to juggle motherhood while aspiring to someday at the title of writer or blogger to her life. 

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