According to a pool remodeling company, doing exercises in the water has a long list of benefits that you may not be aware of. This includes burning body fat, building stamina, and rehabilitating healing muscles and joints. You may think that exercising in a pool isn’t as beneficial as exercising on land, but you would be sorely mistaken. The water works as a form of resistance to your body which is just like surrounding your body with weights. You may not think that you’re working as hard, but in reality, you’re getting an incredible workout.

Due to the flexibility of water workouts, they’re great for those who are obese, overweight, elderly or dealing with an injury. You can easily find a workout that fits your personal needs without having to worry about further injuring yourself. When choosing what body of water is right for your workout, a natural body of water like an ocean or a lake would be the healthiest choice for your body. But, if you can’t find a natural body of water to workout in, try to find a saline pool instead. The disinfection byproducts that often come with chlorine pools are incredibly toxic. These DBPs have been to cancer, DNA damage, and respiratory problems.

If you need a place to start, here are a couple of great examples that you can try out the next time you head to the pool:

Jumping Jacks:

Due to the resistance, doing normal workouts in the water can provide a different experience than doing them on land. Jumping jacks are a great example of this. First, stand in chest level water with your hands at your side and your feet on the ground. Then, simultaneously bring your arms together and your legs apart as you jump. After, as you jump again, bring your arms and legs back to your side. If you’re looking for an advanced version of this traditional workout, try doing the whole movement without touching the ground. Jumping jacks work on your whole body while putting an emphasis on the muscles in your lower body.


Have a pool noodle lying around from last summer? This exercise transforms it into a bicycle so you can really feel the burn. Straddle the pool noodle like you’re riding a bike or a horse and move your legs just like you would on a bicycle. The momentum will propel you forward throughout the pool. You can either move your arms in a jogging motion or use them like you’re swimming throughout the pool. This cardio will have your whole body feeling energized, but you’ll definitely feel the burn in your core, shoulders, and legs.


Underwater Sit-Ups:

This exercise turns your typical sit-up on its head and dives it underwater. First, hang your legs over the edge of the pool and lower yourself backward as low as you can comfortably go. Then, when you pull yourself back up, tighten your core as well until you return to an upright position. For an advanced version, hold your hands behind your head to work your abs even more as you work yourself back out of the water. Be sure to breathe once to get to the top of the water!