Teavana Gift Card Giveaway

I am excited to share this giveaway hosted by Roasted Beans.

Summertime Teavana Gift Card GiveawayIf you didn’t already realize it…its officially summer now! So lets bring on the iced coffee and tea shall we? Honestly I don’t think there is anything better then sitting back on a sunny day, sipping a cool drink and a good book on your lap. Well…except winning a $50 Teavana gift card to PUT that cold Teavana or Starbucks drink in your hand!

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So enter today to WIN a $50 Teavana gift card below! Giveaway is open 18+, Worldwide. And if you do happen to need that new book for your coffee table, then let me suggest what’s new on my bookshelf. Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody by Melody Overton. Available in both paperback and on your Kindle, it’s sure to give the Starbucks lover as much delight as what’s in your cup.


*Giveaway is open worldwide ages 18 and older. One winner will be chosen after entries are verified. Jenny at dapperhouse is not responsible for awarding the prize in this giveaway. This post is not sponsored and contains affiliate links.

28 thoughts on “Teavana Gift Card Giveaway

  1. I do not believe that books will ever be a “thing of the past”. I think it will remain an option. I really enjoying they physical aspects of a book. The turning of the pages, the loaning to a friend. Ebooks are nice for travel, but not my first choice.

  2. I love reading. I use my e-reader for my Bible. I do tend to like traditional books, but I love having my Bible on the e-reader. It allows for me to quickly move throughout to different passages, and can highlight without damaging a real Bible.

  3. I do think paper books will go the way of video cassettes. I like that so many trees will be saved and information can travel so instantly, but I sure will miss leafing through pages and having something that won’t shatter when you step on it!

  4. I asked my friends to see which people preferred. Overwhelmingly people like the new e-readers. I have a couple friends that are avid readers and they both like that they can be more eco-friendly and not have so many books with so many pages, but have a little tablet to read instead.

  5. I shudder to think it could happen, but I think more and more are drawn to using Kindles, etc. rather than carrying books around. Not this girl!

  6. I don’t think ‘real’ books will become obsolete any time soon. I love ebooks, but I also love the feel of reading a ‘real’ book, too. I think they might be obsolete in the FAR future.

  7. I have noticed that I do use my e-reader a lot. It is so convenient and I often do not even realize I am using it. I have a lot of reference books on my e-reader and those are quite handy. The “real” books would be quite heavy to carry around.

  8. Today I found out that our local library “borrows” ebooks as well as “real” books. So exciting.

  9. Just rented my first e-book. I usually buy my ebooks but today I decided to rent one and see how I liked it. I am very excited.

  10. I don’t want to see books become obsolete. The feeling of a good book under your fingers can’t be imitated with a piece of plastic- it’s just not the same!

  11. Not at all! People like me will still own books; I’ll always love the musty smell of old paperbacks and the crackle of the spine as I open a new novel!

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