It is crucial that we teach our children from a young age to 
LIVE a green lifestyle.

They will watch and learn by our example, 
but they need to be taught the actions
and eventually the concepts and reasons behind the actions. 

Children need to learn the 3 “R’s” 
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle…

I think that children also need to learn the 4th & 5th “R’s” ….

Respect  &  Responsibility

Respect for our planet, our resources, ourselves…by living a green life.

Responsibility to make a difference… 
to BE the Solution.

Here are some fun and easy ways to get your children involved.

Let little ones sort recycling bins for plastic and paper. 
This is not only a green action, 
but an important developmental learning skill!

Take your children to a recycling center for a tour or family field trip 
so that they can see on a large scale green work 
being done in their community. 

Take them near a public landfill. 
How powerful is that!

When your children make the choice to recycle instead of add to the
literal tons of regular trash, 
they will “understand” the impact! 
They will be more likely to preach what they are practicing
by letting friends know what they have seen.

One of my favorite ideas comes from Liam Owen at eHow Family.
He suggests that we give our children an important task in the home with 
an important title to go with it, such as “Earth Deputy”. 
Or as I though of…”Special Agent Earth Saver”.
Give children a specific task such as 
turning off lights TV, video games, etc when no one is in the room,
or making sure that the water is not running 
when others are brushing teeth, etc.

Stock your home library with eco-conscious books! 
My son’s favorite is The Lorax.
There are many books about our planet, our world and going green:

Don’t Throw That Away!

These are only 4 of many. 
Visit your library or do a google search for lots of titles and choices!
Teaching children about renewable energy is cool too,
especially when they are able to see it in action!!
At one of my FAV websites called 
you can buy eco toys and kits at reasonable prices! 
Like a…
Potato powered alarm clock
Water (hydro) powered calculator 
and solar powered hopping frog
Eco in Action! 
Children learn by doing.
Involve children in everyday activities that instill in them 
an intrinsic respect for the Earth and an intrinsic responsibility to be the solution!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse