The environment is a popular issue (thankfully) 
and it makes me SUPER happy.

 Did you know that there have been many environmentalists
throughout history 
that have been concerned, aware and active 
in protecting our planet?


How familiar are these names?

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790) 
was active in “public rights” and health, against industrial pollution 
and disease spread by slaughterhouses.

George Washington Carver (1965 – 1943) 
Agricultural scientist who produced and derivesd products from plants. 
Was a grandfather of renewable resources and sustainability.

Rachel Carson (1907 – 1964) 
was an ecologist and writer, controversial in her outlook on 
government and business affecting the environment and 
especially vehement about not using pesticides.

I have spoken in previous posts about environmentalism and
Our Carbon Footprint.

Today I am sharing a bit more, and talking about Water Conservation!!

My husband has worked in the environmental industry right out of college.

He is LEED certified to make buildings “green” and he is on the

environmental committee for our village.

Our son is in the environmental club at his elementary school, 
and my older two are very “green” minded as well.

my little “tree hugger”

I had thoughtful parents that taught us “green” before it was popular.

When we put solar panels on our little home to collect heat,

people thought that we were a bit “off”, but we were used to this…

We had a sustainable garden, goats for milk, a chicken coop and compost,

All in our humble yard in a suburban area!

I remember vividly my 3 brothers and I in the back seat holding our breath

whenever a dark cloud of smoke would 
billow from a truck in traffic…
and we would feel so bad for the trees that had to 
breathe that air to make fresh oxygen!

We lived in the Arizona desert so I was taught water conservation Big Time!

I would turn the shower on to get wet, 
turn it down to a trickle to get soapy and shampoo,

turn it back up to rinse off, 
back down to a trickle shave my legs and apply conditioner, 
then back up for a final rinse.

I am 40 now, so how much water have I saved over this amount of time?  


Did you know that 1 pound of consumer beef requires 1,799 gallons of water?

There are many easy ways to get involved and so much that you can do!

Leave me a comment about what you do to

“Save the Planet”

Or something new you learned and where we can go to learn more!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse