Home renovation can be both exciting and stressful at once. On one hand, there is the thrill of seeing your living space transform, while at the same time, dealing with contractors, timelines and unexpected surprises can become quite stressful – but don’t fret: with careful planning and patience from start to finish you can emerge unscathed on the other end!

1. Expect the Unexpected

When undertaking home renovation projects, it’s essential that you be mentally prepared for what lies ahead. No matter how well-prepared or experienced your contractors may be, unexpected hurdles and surprises will undoubtedly appear along the way – mold may form in walls; wiring problems might present themselves; plumbing might require replacement altogether… It pays to remain mentally prepared as you face these hurdles head on!

One effective strategy to deal with unexpected surprises is creating a contingency plan. Plan extra funds in your budget in case unexpected repairs come up, as well as mentally prepare yourself that the renovation may take longer than planned; doing this will equip you to deal with delays and surprises that arise along the way.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Home renovation can be daunting. Instead of focusing on the overall scope, break your renovation up into smaller tasks that you can manage more efficiently to keep yourself motivated and make tangible progress toward completion – even if that means taking longer than anticipated!

Setting realistic goals is vital when setting renovation plans and goals. Refrain from attempting to tackle too much at a time and set unreasonably high expectations of yourself; by breaking up renovation into smaller tasks with manageable goals, you will feel more in control and less overwhelmed during its execution.

3. Cleaning Up After Renovation

Now that the renovation project has come to fruition, it is time to clear away its mess. Depending on its scope and scale, this task may prove challenging; but with some careful planning and strategy, it should prove manageable. Here are a few suggestions on cleaning up after home remodeling:

1. Begin With the Big Things

Once renovation work has concluded, start by clearing away any leftover debris or large items such as drywall, flooring and fixtures from your renovation site. Renting a dumpster or hiring a removal service might be necessary. Find the easiest way to rent a dumpster to simplify the process!

2. Vacuum and Dust

After clearing away large items from your home, it’s time to address dust and debris that has settled across surfaces throughout your space. Use a HEPA filter vacuum with attachments in order to capture fine dust particles, while wetting down surfaces with damp cloth to reduce airborne dust particles from becoming airborne again.

3. Deep Clean Your Floors and Carpets

In the renovation process, floors and carpets may have become dirty with dirt, dust and debris that has collected. Consider hiring professional carpet cleaners or renting steam cleaners to deep clean them to restore them back into their former state.

4. Clean Windows and Blinds

With so much dust floating through during renovation work, windows and blinds could have taken quite the beating. Use a microfiber cloth and mild cleaning solution to gently scrub both frames and glass for best results.

5. Dispose of Hazardous Waste Correctly

If your renovation involved hazardous materials like lead paint or asbestos, it’s essential that they be safely discarded. Reach out to a waste management facility or environmental agency in your area for guidance on how best to do this.

Cleaning up after home renovation can be tedious and time-consuming; by taking an organized approach and seeking professional assistance when required, however, you can ensure your space remains safe for living in.

4. Communication is Key

Clear and frequent dialogue between you, your contractors and family or roommates during any home renovation is of utmost importance. Be bold and ask questions and voice any concerns as soon as they arise – doing this will allow everyone involved to understand exactly what’s taking place while also increasing feelings of involvement within the process.

Setting expectations from the outset with your contractors is also vitally important. Express your priorities clearly and ensure you both agree on the scope of work involved.

Through open and honest communication, it’s easier than ever for everyone involved in a project to remain aligned on what’s expected from them and avoid misinterpretations of projects by others.


Home renovation can be an enormously frustrating and taxing endeavor, but with the proper mindset and strategies, you can successfully tackle its complications without losing your sanity. These strategies will put you on track to successfully tackle every hurdle involved and emerge with a beautiful, functional living space on completion! Enjoy this journey and take pride in all you’ve accomplished so far along the way!


Image: Blue Bird / Pexels