Quality time with your kids is a must for any parent and child. This time together and the activities involved help to strengthen the bond between the two forging a much better relationship as the child grows. If you are at a loss on what types of things can help do this, these relationship building ideas to do with your kids this summer are a great place to get started. 

Get Away from It All – Getting away from everything is never a bad idea. It gives everyone involved the chance to relax and to de-stress away from the distractions and drama that daily life can provide. This can be done by going on a camping trip, taking a day to go fishing or hiking and other activities that get you out and about without distractions. If you are not regular campers, make sure you have some basic camping gear before you go. You can borrow some from a friend or find some gear to invest in that will make you go again. To take your kids fishing, all you really need is a fishing pole and some bait. No matter which activity you choose to do, your kids will enjoy the time spent with you, your relationship with them will be stronger and you will be less stressed at the end.

Cook a Meal Together – Cooking a meal together can foster your relationship with your kids in a way you might not expect. Not only are you teaching them a new skill, but you are also spending time with them. Since cooking is done is the confined quarters of your kitchen, it often “forces” conversation between you and your child. It can be a great way to get a child or teenager who is not very talkative to do just that. Cooking a meal from start to finish also creates a sense of accomplishment and pride. Maybe they will be inspired to try more recipes with you more often. Here are some good recipes on my blog for you to try. 

Read a Book Together – Whether you enjoy reading or not, study after study shows a million and one reasons why children need to be read to and read to you. So why not frond creative ways to get books and read it together? You can visit a book store if a brick and mortar one exists near you and find a spot to read some books in the calm atmosphere. Visit a library in a different town. Go to a second hand store to get new books at a low price and read on a blanket in the park. You will be doing an activity you both enjoy, spending quality time together and making a huge impact on their learning. 

Put a Care Package Together – Doing something for others is a great way to build a relationship with your kids. This can include putting together care packages for those who are not nearby. Grandparents, siblings that live away from home, military members and others who can not be there are all great places to start. You could even combine the relationship ideas on this sheet and add a book you have read together and loved with a baked good you both created. A fun package is to do a color theme like a “Box of Sunshine” filled with all yellow things from a water bottle, journal, gumballs, healthy snacks, lemonade drink mix packets and more. Make sure you get a pack of blank cards and markers to decorate and write your won personalized notes that match the theme or color of your care package. 

Volunteer Together – Nothing brings two people together like helping others and volunteering together is a way to help others without costing you anything. Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, animals shelter or at your church if they have volunteer positions available. Your child will learn how much they are truly blessed with in life and to help others while building a strong relationship with you at the same time. You can find all sorts of ways to volunteer at volunteermatch.org from fostering animals to packing birthday bags for children in need to making sure food from restaurants and stores stays out of the trash and gets to hungry people in your community. There are so many fun and important ways to make a big difference in life which creates a strong bond between you and your child, teaches them to be a good human and makes them feel empowered to do great things. 

I have done these things with my children with much success. It is fun to learn from your child when they have ideas or expertise in certain activities as well as increasing their confidence and pride. It is also fun to learn new things together creating a bond and making memories. As my kids got older, busier and eventually moved out, I wish that I would have prioritized creating more time for spending time with them. Take it from me and do it while you have the opportunities. It means everything to build relationships with your kids.