There’s little that says home like a bowl of hot vegetable soup. It might take a few hours to cook up a pot of veggie soup, but it is also a very easy recipe that can be modified even further. Making vegetable soup in crock pot is the simplest way to prepare this meal. It is also possible to make large batches of vegetable soup with a couple of crock pots. So, read below for more information on how to make your very own homestyle vegetable soup, how to store it, and even how to sell it commercially.

What Goes in Your Vegetable Soup?

There are a couple of vegetables that generally end up in every version of vegetable soup. Green beans and carrots almost always make an appearance as do celery and green peas. If your vegetable soup is going to have a tomato-based broth, you might as well throw some tomato chunks in, too. Vegans and vegetarians usually prefer potato bits in their vegetable soup over pasta as the potatoes are guaranteed to be animal byproduct free. If there are other vegetables you’d like in your soup, just wash and prepare them, then add them in.

How to Make Each Batch of Soup Last Longer

After making a batch of vegetable soup you need to let it cool down significantly before you can store it in the refrigerator. Storing it in an airtight plastic or glass container will help it to last at least a week, but if you make a really big batch of soup you are going to want to store it in separate containers. Additionally, homestyle vegetable soup can be stored in the freezer, enabling you to enjoy your soup for around six months after first being prepared.

What to Do If Your Soup Becomes a Hit

Homestyle vegetable soup is supposed to be hearty and well-seasoned with balanced flavors. Consider the fact that most people get their vegetable soup out of a can, you shouldn’t be shocked if friends and family rave over your homestyle recipe. So, it is possible to start a cottage food business or even open a local food cart just by selling awesome vegetable soup. Ideally, you will have a vegetable soup recipe that you know by heart and can whip up fast. You will also probably be making vegetable soup every day, so keep all ingredients stocked in your home. After one batch of vegetable soup is cooked up and cooled, you should be making another batch right away.


Vegetable soup recipes are pretty easy to create as you can control the way they are flavored with spice and ingredients. Making vegetable soup in a crock pot or even on the stove is inexpensive as most ingredients can be found fresh or frozen for just a few bucks. The key to making your homestyle vegetable soup recipe delicious is making it the way you personally enjoy it. If other people like it too, great. If not, you’ll have a veggie soup recipe that always fills you up, and you’ll know that there will be leftovers.