PURPLE – What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Did you know that there is a science and theory behind color?

Colors are connected to our moods. They can impact our feelings and change the energy with their color and connotations. Did you know that colors have meanings and associations that give insight into your personality? If PURPLE is your favorite color then this article is all about you.

Purple is most commonly represented by lavender for its calming and soothing properties. Purple can also stand for nobility and spirituality. When you think of our culture that represents purple you might think of a military Purple Heart, Prince or Barney the dinosaur. The color purple is a color that encourages creativity and imagination. It is the color of the crown Chakra which is in tune with the mind and our nervous system.

Filling your space with the color purple may be interpreted as a bold statement and a sign of extravagance and eccentricity. Some color experts say that dark purple resonates gloom and apathy while light purple creates an ambiance suited for meditation or magic. The color purple has two contradictory sides when it comes to attributes. When you think of the color purple, which do you identify with?

  • moody or harmoneous
  • arrogant or peaceful
  • imagination or powerlessness
  • mystery or grandeur
  • magic or mindfulness
  • dignity or extravagance
  • creative or apathetic

If your favorite color is purple then you posses a balance of both cool and warm characteristics from the combination of blue and red. On the cool side it can show femininity and nostalgia. On the warm side it can cause you to feel bold and powerful.  You are a dreamer, a believer in magic and may be in tune to having psychic abilities.

Your personality could hold a range of qualities from independent and proud to delicate and calm. You might even like to risk and pursue adrenaline from gambling, skydiving, and other risking actions. Most of all you are more spiritually minded than others, believe in things when others don’t and are able to dream things into possibility.

Plus you can never go wrong with amethyst, grape juice and violets.

Do you have any qualities to add that you think are related to the color blue? Please share your opinions with fellow blue lovers below in the comments.

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