I was blessed to talk recently to one of the people behind 
The pure kindness and sincere generosity 
coming from the heart of this woman 
made it evident that there was
something special 
about her. 
After getting to know her a bit more and finding out her story
made everything come clear. She is a servant
of active change in the world. 
She lives a life of blessing those in her path with her
sweet spirit and her Big Goals. 
I invite you to visit the website called 
and read the story, the mission, and see for yourself how 
easy it is to help make a BIG difference to a real human being 
with such a SMALL effort as purchasing a bracelet that
you can keep to show your support,
for only ONE Dollar. 

Note from the founder

As an American I have experienced many stages of life; I’ve been homeless 
and I’ve been successful. As a homeless child and young adult I crawled into 
dumpsters behind restaurants to get food that was thrown away. I slept under 
bridges and was thankful to find an old abandoned mattress from time to time. 
I have been in shelters and received care and support and have been turned 
away because there was no room. I know what it is like to be hungry, cold and tired. 
As a successful adult I realize how blessed I am to have overcome many of life’s 
hardships and use those experiences to find God’s will in my life.
There are many people in this country and others that lack some of life’s most 
essential resources: food, clean water and shelter.
It is my goal to join other Christians with the same passion and pull our resources 
together to help Erase World Hunger and provide the world with the true Bread of Life, 
Jesus Christ.
Yours Truly,
Bryan Ricci, Co-Founder

You can Visit the Eraselets Website HERE for some REAL FUN!

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