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Post op bed rest day 3. 

So I said that there would most likely be an explosion here at my home.

With THE MOM being on bed rest,

The Man of the HO– USE taking over for MOM 

and the KIDS being Kids.

My husband has been fantastic so far. 
For the first two days, Friday and Saturday, 
he iced my knee on schedule to help with the swelling. 
He helped me up and down the stairs a 
few times so I could 
join the family. 

He did some grocery shopping, which he said will never 
happen again because the grocery store is 
“too confusing and distracting to find anything in that place”. 

He has been trying to keep our children on task with 
chores and daily duties which is seriously 
painstaking and draining 
to say the least.  

Last night he even removed my bandages and helped me get 
into the shower without wincing, vomiting, or cracking awkward jokes 
about my cadaver looking leg. (Picture Below) 

He was so kind.

Today. . .

he is SO crabby.

Everyone got up early to get to soccer playoffs for the little one.

No one in the house and I am confined to the bed. . .
alone, hungry and crying softly to myself 
like a trapped animal because 
the coffee is in Right Here in the house, 
but it is downstairs & I cant get up to make it.

I dont know a single phone number of ANYONE because
they are all stored in my cell phone which my son took from me
 to replace his broken one 
“because teenagers NEED cell phones, moms dont need them”.

So I cant even call a friend to bring me a cup of coffee. 

Britney Spears at Starbucks

They got home before noon 
at which point the 17 year old and 9 year old were already arguing 
about video games, Sponge Bob and Sports Center. 

I was calling desperately from the upstairs for someone to 
PLEASE bring me a bagel and coffee. 

Grouchy husband was not answering me. 

Both boys were running up and down the stairs
 into my room to “tattle”,
which of course did not really involve me per se, 
but served the sole purpose of each one yelling at me just loud enough 
for the other to hear that they were getting tattled on. 

As each one was Making Their Case against the other 

and storming in for a rebuttal, 

I would try to interject to gain their attention;

 “. ..I hear wha- . .  ye- . .  dear I kn- . .  but I – . . coffee? . . (sigh)” 

Up and down they came over and over, not a mug or bagel in hand.

Everyone was getting ready to leave again right away for 
a family hockey skate day
 and I 
was getting ready to panic.  

I can barely manage to get myself to the bathroom and back alone 
so I was having no luck figuring out how 
with a painful leg in elevated traction and two crutches I was to get downstairs, 
make coffee and get it to the table to sit down to drink it.

Marilyn Monroe on Crutches

Then my oldest son brought up a bagel.   

(Oh GOD Thank you! Oh, and thank you too, son.)

My husband brought up coffee.  

(speechless. . .  Disbelief and Joy to have coffee in my hands.)

I was SO happy. 


Then everyone was gone again.

Coffee meant bathroom twice. 

Wondering how long it takes to acquire bed sores.

Me on Crutches

3:30 the family came back.

4:00 I am eating my husband’s famous spaghetti. 
(Mmmm – extra spicy)  

I have ice on my knee that makes it feel much better.
 And my husband is going to sit in front of his TV and relax 
which hopefully means he will be less crabby.

Son running errands with our car.

Daughter here doing her thing.

Little one playing with friends.

I am writing and happy.

We are hanging on better than I ever imagined on DAY 3!!


IF you want to see my cadaver leg GO AHEAD AND SCROLL…

Here is comes….



just swollen and bruised.

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse