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Those who know me are aware that healthy eating and healthy living is a top priority for me. You may also know that while I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist or soap box preacher, I do have deeply passionate feelings about the government control and regulations on our nations food information. The dairy industry for example, lobbying for their hormone and antibiotic tainted milk products to be required in schools is one. The lack of information on food packaging and the legal ability to use false marketing and skewed research results rather than actual medical science to persuade buyers into purchasing food that is not at all what it seems is another. When Americans as a healthy movement are getting well and strong by cutting down carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of proteins, it feels like maybe the government should be listening to us and taking our nutrition advice!  We need up to date knowledge and better distribution of that knowledge to the public. We need better labels and less loopholes. This is why I am spreading awareness and calling for action on this petition!

sign the petition for better dietary information for America

The U.S. Dietary guidelines are not working and need to be revised in many areas. The House of Agriculture Committee has called into question the U.S. dietary recommendations and have a petition to allow them to evaluate the process of science in how guidelines are formed.
One change needed is to re-evaluate the “low fat” trend that led to the increase in our consumption of sugars, starches and carbs. This only puts people at risk for weight gain and nutrition-related health issues, such as diabetes!

we need current science based nutrtional information - please sign this petitions

We need a change! In the past 30 years obesity and diabetes due to weight is a common “epidemic” in our everyday lives. Medical science predicts that the numbers will double in only 15 years if America’s eating habits, guidelines and information does not change.

I am writing to ask that you consider signing this petition for the US Government to Demand that Quality Science Determines the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines
I am not saying that their guidelines are not well-intended, but clearly something isn’t working when medical issues caused by obesity in America are a public health crisis.

We want families to have better knowledge to live healthy!

America needs better nutritional information please sign this petition

Our petition is asking Americans speak up to the U.S. Government to start basing our Dietary Guidelines on quality science that encompasses a range of different approaches. By demanding scientific scrutiny in our dietary guidelines that calls for change, Americans can find a healthier way to eat and live, and in the process save millions of lives.

food pyramids and US guidelines - sign a petition for science based knowledge in Americas Health

Please, if you are passionate about nutrition, go HERE to learn more and sign!

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Lets help make a change for America’s health.

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