Many senior citizens need supplemental income but cannot commit to working a full-time job. Part-time jobs are often a better option for them, but it can be difficult to find ones that offer flexibility. However, with some diligent research and planning, these jobs can be found. It can take some creativity to find jobs that work best for those in this age range, but it is not impossible. Seniors wanting to work part-time while retaining some flexibility can consider freelance writing, crafting, baking and house cleaning.

Freelance Writing

Some people are able to make a substantial income by writing a blog. Others work as freelance writers for companies across the country. Workers can choose to write as much or as little as they would like. They can write about a wide variety of topics, and this can be a great way for an older person to keep his or her mind sharp. A writing job can be done from home and offers flexibility that many workers crave.


Those who are handy with a sewing machine may be able to sell goods online or to local patrons. Senior citizens who know how to make clothing can offer custom sewing and tailoring services. They can also make baby items, as these are very popular and sell well. There are online platforms where crafters can sell their products, and this might be an avenue worth pursuing as a part-time job.


People who work full-time may not have time to cook meals every night. Therefore, seniors who are at home most of the time may be able to earn some extra money by baking. They can offer casseroles that can be easily reheated and even dessert items. This can be a great flexible work option for those who love to spend time in the kitchen anyway.

House Cleaning

There are many households that pay someone to come in and do basic cleaning services. A retired person can earn some extra income by doing laundry, dishes and light cleaning for families in the neighborhood. This can be a good option for those who do not want to commit to many hours of work; he or she can decide how many houses he or she feels comfortable cleaning and stick to that number.

Just because a person is retired does not mean that they never want to work again. For those looking for part-time work, consider these options.