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Do you ever wonder how it is you remember so many song lyrics and not where you put your car keys? Isn’t is amazing that you still remember children’s songs that you learned so many years ago and they are stuck permanently in your head? Music has a profound impact on the human brain and automatically commits it to memory! I believe having music on as a soft background or as a loud impromptu dance party is a nice way to go through life. Music is so important for so many reasons, make sure to keep some fun and educational tunes on for your kids. Subliminally they will learn something. Just watch as they¬†start singing along to the educational songs that are playing in the background! It is very cool and a great way for them to commit important knowledge to memory that they will remember and use for a lifetime! Whether your kids are young and new to learning facts, or older and prepping for tests, learning facts about math, science history and more will always come in handy!
Music that Helps Kids Remember What They Learn - jenny at ddapperhouse - teaching and learning

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