After moving back to the Arizona desert, I thought that this scorpion learning packet would be an essential for kids here. Throughout my life in Arizona, it was a regular thing to take ultraviolet lights out at night to shine on fences and under rocks to find the glowing scorpions in order to kill them. In some homes that were infested with scorpions, people put the legs of cribs in tall glass jars away from walls so that they can’t climb into cribs. As a mother with young kids I lived in a house that had scorpions and it was a common occurrence to pour a bowl of cereal and have a scorpion come out into the bowl, or to turn the lights on at night and see them on the wall above the beds. One also learns quickly to store glasses, cups and bowls upside down in the cupboards to avoid finding them trapped inside, tail up ready to attack. between the scorpions, rattlesnakes and javelina, the Arizona desert makes for a sometimes dangerous place to live. But the mountain views, big skies and colorful sunsets make you forget these critters in an instant and be glad you live here.



Some of the answers for the following page may require students to do research not found in this packet.

Enjoy teaching your little ones about scorpions with this free printable activity pack.

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