More buntings and flags!
You know how I love vintage circus? Well, since I was on a banner making kick, I thought it would be SO FUN to make a Vintage Circus theme! I did red white and black. I found royalty free french paper circus drawings for the characters, and used LOTS and LOTS of paint for texture and design. This one is Really fun and certainly sets a party mood.

I like the little black and white flowers because each one has a mini clothespin on the back so you can embellish any way you want to. Use the flowes on the ribbon, on corners of the flags, whatever you want! A great accessory!

The characters are in the circles with a stamp of diamond design on the top center. The smaller flags are fully stamped in the diamond pattern. The plain white with a ribbon of paint around the edges will be great for pictures and letters or words.
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse