My son is very interested in Architecture right now. I am encouraging this with architecture and how to draw buildings books, graph paper, poster board, computer “games” and even some stained glass window designs to color from Frank Lloyd Wright. Being into legos for his little lifetime has certainly helped encourage this interest. And thanks to the Series “Lego Architect” my son is very exited again for a new challenge with lego brand. He is having fun building popular buildings and of course he is proud of the buildings that he is designing and creating himself that have definite architectural elements. Here is the BIG BEN from lego that he made. (He wanted this one so bad because of  the book and movie HUGO). . .

Here is a building he designed. . .

Here is my farm that I made while playing with him because I am a crazy animal lover!!

I love lego time with my little guy.
People might find it weird if I played with legos alone but I LOVE building with legos!
Thank goodness so does my son so I can do it with him (smiles) .

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse