You don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep robbers away. Here are a few inexpensive but incredibly effective! ways to safeguard your family and yourself

How to Secure Windows with Simple Window Locks 

The majority of double-hung window locks are ineffective against a criminal using a pry bar. Pin locks can be easily fixed. Simply drilling a hole is all that is required to install one. If you want to lock the window when it is half open, drill another hole. Pin locks are offered in home improvement stores and online. They work well with sliding patio doors as well.

Don’t Forget Utilities

Your home is run on utilities such as water, electricity, and gas. If any of these fail or become unstable, it could be a disaster for your home and your safety. For example, you will need a Federal Pacific panel replacement if your home was built before 2000 (USA) since they are deemed unsafe for purpose. So much so that a class action was brought against the company.

Install security systems in your home

The installation of indoor and outdoor home security cameras is one of the things people cite to us the most as something they wish they’d known about before their property was broken into. In addition, if your home is broken into, the video from your security camera can help law enforcement find the intruders. 

There are several different types of home security cameras. Others are a component of whole home security systems, while some can be purchased as independent security gadgets. The top cameras have features like night vision, motion detection, and built-in Wi-Fi. You can get an apartment video intercom system if you live in a complex. 

Strengthening the strike plate on your front door

The jamb of your door, where a robber could try to kick it in, can be strengthened with a heavy-duty strike plate and extra-long screws. If your deadbolt was installed within the last ten years, it is likely already strengthened. To inspect, merely remove the strike plate. If it is built of sturdy steel, has at least 3-inch screws, or has a sizable supporting plate, you can feel secure. If not, buy reinforcement hardware for strike plates. Remove the old striking plate, hold the new one in place, and make extensive incisions all around it to install it. Make a hole with a chisel for the new plate, and then attach it using 3-inch screws through the already-made holes.

Putting up a Security Anchor 

The Kryptonite Secure Bike Lock drills three holes and adds bolts to secure the heavy-duty security hook to cement using a clever, tamper-resistant mechanism. A dome protects the hook and bolts. You can put the anchor in truck beds or fasten it to other surfaces using your fasteners. It features a lifetime warranty, simple setup guidelines, and an appealing, uncomplicated design. 

Keep spare keys in a lock box

Hiding a house key poses a risk. Ingenious thieves occasionally find hidden keys. Additionally, insurance companies have the right to refuse to cover your losses if there are no indications of a forced entrance. The solution is a combination lock box. It needs to be covertly secured to your house or a fence post. Nevertheless, stay away from utilizing the short, flimsy screws that the manufacturer provides. A robber could steal the box, pry open the lid, take it home, and carefully watch it open. Use four No. 10 x 2-inch stainless steel screws as an alternative.

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