With the economy leaving most American’s in dire straights, we are scrambling to find ways to save money. There are some ways to save money that you might think are relatively painless so those are great to implement right away. There are others that take some time and effort, and others that may make you feel the pinch. Regardless, saving money is an endeavor that requires planning, effort, sacrifice and endurance, all of which you are capable of doing!

Here are some obvious and easy suggestions for you to implement right away.  Buy spending less, you will have more to save so I am also offering this free printable guide to save $1000 in 30 days. Yes, it will take sacrifice and yes, you can do it.

Ways to Spend Less Money

  1. Make coffee and other expensive drinks at home.
  2. Never pay for food delivery services. Just go pick it up.
  3. Use manufacturer and store coupons whenever possible and pair these with store sales. As well, get store apps to save even more.
  4. Put a limit on spending on things that are fun but not necessity such as clothing, make-up, video games, toys, etc. In addition, shop sales, second hand stores and local people selling things on Facebook, Offer Up and more.
  5. Find inexpensive recipes and make food at home. This is sometimes a hard one for people but there are a gazillion good recipes to choose from which means there are many that you will find delicious and easy enough to make.
  6. Go through your online bill payments and recurring charges to find things that you can live without. Often times people discover auto payments for things they forgot they signed up for!
  7. Can you live without cable TV? Many people don’t believe they can but it is easier than you think. You can get antennas (the old bunny ear kind) for around $12 that hook to any TV (even smart TVs) and use them to get local channels. Then, utilize your local library to get movies and your favorite television series for free. Plan more game nights, listen to podcasts, get outside for some fun and fresh air. There are many other things to do than watch tv. For breaking news stories and more, use YouTube for free.

I hope you are open to these ideas and ready to make the sacrifices needed to really save a lot of money. With all this extra cash you will have, you can also challenge yourself to save. Make it a real challenge to see how much you can truly save in one month. The results will surprise you and motivate you to keep finding ways to save.

Use the free printable below to see if you can meet the $1000 in 30 day challenge.

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