When you approach that next chapter of your life where you and your partner choose to have a baby, it’s an exciting time. There are a lot of emotions building up during this time and while it’s exciting to get started, it’s something that might feel very unfamiliar.

If you’ve not had a baby before, then you’re navigating the unknown and that includes trying for a baby too. With that being said, it’s worth knowing what you’ll need when trying to get pregnant for the first time. Here are all the best tips that will hopefully help you with your fertility journey.

Look after your body and cut out bad habits

Firstly, it’s important that your body is a temple for this little baby who will be growing inside of you. It’s incredible to think our bodies are capable of growing another human but it’s equally important to be mindful of how you’re treating your body prior to getting pregnant.

Cutting out bad habits like drinking, smoking taking drugs and other habits is useful to do before you start trying. All of the above is likely to impact the quality of the sperm and eggs, depending on who in the relationship has the bad habits.

Make sure you’re looking after your body, eating healthily and working out where you can. 

Track your cycle

Tracking your cycle is a great way to aid your opportunity for getting pregnant. Luckily, we’ve got access to so many more resources and apps that help with tracking ovulation and cycles in general.

If you haven’t already, start tracking your periods as this will help to track when you’re most fertile and ultimately may help make it easier to get pregnant much quicker.

Take pre-pregnancy supplements

Pre-pregnancy supplements are something that is worth taking in order to prepare your body. They contain important nutrients and minerals that your body needs in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

For example, folic acid is a must for those trying to get pregnant and for the development of the baby throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

Up the frequency of having unprotected sex

If you’re looking to get pregnant quickly, sometimes it’s down to the frequency of unprotected sex. Not everyone gets on board with having sex every two to three days because let’s admit it, it’s exhausting. However, if you’re wanting to improve your chances of a fast conception, then try having sex more frequently, especially during the days you’re most fertile. 

Don’t get stressed and explore alternatives

It’s important not to stress out your body when you’re trying for a baby. It’s an easy thing to do and can make it more difficult to get pregnant. You may also be finding it hard to get pregnant and there are other options out there to increase your fertility chances. From trying to induce ovulation to looking at IVF treatments, you’re not out of options.

With these tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to see the results of your fertility efforts soon.

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