The road trip is an almost mythic journey in the American psyche. With the open road ahead, and hundreds of miles of roads, experiences and memories to enjoy, this is surely one of the most exciting, thrilling ways to travel. And, with a motorhome, you’re able to enjoy creature comforts while on the road – all while saving on the cost of accommodation and roadside food. If you’re dreaming of a motorhome vacation in 2021, here are some financing tips to help you find the right wheels for you and your loved ones.


All vacations require savings – but your motorhome trip requires two types of savings. On the one hand, you’re going to need to stash away enough cash to purchase or hire a motorhome; on the other hand, you’re going to need some cash to spend while you’re away. 

In both cases, it’s wise to start by budgeting today, and setting aside a proportion of your monthly earnings to save for your once-in-a-lifetime motorhome road trip. Set up a savings pot, and organize an automatic transfer of your cash into this pot each time you receive your earnings into your bank account. Your vacation fund will add up in no time when you save in this way.

Buying a Motorhome

For those families or couples who expect to get a good deal of use out of their motorhome, it’s undoubtedly a smart idea to purchase your vehicle outright, instead of renting one each time that you go on a road trip.

For people who wish to purchase, you’ll be able to get your motorhome courtesy of a loan that you can pay back over a certain period, up to 10 years. You’ll even be granted this loan if you have a poor credit rating – get help online to see what the terms of a motorhome loan might be.

Budgeting for Your Trip

Spending on vacation can get out of control. You’re focused on having a good time, and have decided not to focus on your expenditure – but this attitude, while care-free, can leave you out of pocket by the time your vacation comes to an end.

It’s a far more astute move to set yourself a budget for your trip. Will $30 a day be enough to get you and your family by? Will you want to have a larger pot of cash to dip into on special occasions? When you pre-plan your spending, you’ll be better able to enjoy your whole trip without worrying about cash.

Saving Money on the Road

There are numerous ways to save cash when you’re traveling in a motorhome. You’re already saving cash on accommodation, but you can cook meals in your motorhome instead of eating out. Your motorhome fridge means you’ll always have a cold beverage at your disposal – and driving at a lower speed will save your fuel, helping your dollars in gas go further over the course of your journey.

Plan wisely for your motorhome trip to ensure that you’re able to enjoy a long and memorable journey within the limits of your budget.