Yoga requires strength, flexibility, and stability from the ground up. Good yoga routines require strong feet and ankles. Regular socks slip and slide but bare feet are a hygiene concern. Wether you are starting a yoga routine or already going with the flow, it is always a good time to use quality yoga grip socks.

Remember Your Feet’s Needs

When flowing through a routine, you need freedom of movement all the way down the leg and through the toes. Balance in your foot will translate to the strength of your form. Supporting your foot while keeping it flexible is important for leg strength and proper yoga technique. There are even stretches and exercises that target individual toe and foot muscles.

The best yoga footwear supports your routine in this way. It can strengthen the flow of your sequence as well as be soft enough to sit in lotus. Plus, when wearing socks, your feet are kept warm, dry, and clean. That is especially important when working out in a gym with others.

Choose Premium Yoga Socks

There are a few things to look for when you find athletic grip socks. First, a quality grip sock will have supreme traction from a durable grip pattern. Look for a unique design with solid, substantial coverage of texture and avoid socks that only have minimal sticky dots. There are sticky or grippy socks sold many places, but don’t waste your money on low quality socks. Buy the socks that are made for gym use and that can hold up to daily washing. Invest in the best for the best results.

Next, make sure the socks are made of high-quality materials. Machine washable footwear is much easier to keep clean, so look for a sock that can survive at least 50 wash cycles. High-end yoga socks will also include antibacterial or silver treatment linings to prevent odor and bacteria. They stay cleaner longer and require less washing.

It should also have a variety of materials for the best structural support of your foot. Top features to look for include durable toe and heel padding, an open toe box for maximum foot splay, and  a breathable mesh weave for the top of the foot. Finally, of course, find a grip sock that comes in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to suit your needs.

To get the most out of yoga, have the right gear. A stylish and well-made yoga grip sock can improve your workout.