Tennis is one of the most enjoyable sports out there! However, it’s also one of the most difficult and frustrating to play to a high level, so having a strong skillset and good tactical awareness are absolute “musts” for any budding tennis enthusiast!

Typically, beginner tennis players, tend to make very similar types of mistakes in the early stages. It’s essential that these are dealt with quickly, as failing to do so could lead to bad habits becoming engrained in a player’s technique, or even, mindset.

This article will reveal and explain the most common mistakes first time tennis players make, and also, how to spot and rectify them to start playing better tennis!


You’ll only need to spend a few moments at your local tennis club to see how little most players’ feet move on the baseline! By contrast, turn on the television and watch any professional tennis event and you’ll see the players are constantly on their toes, bouncing around, ready for whatever shot comes their way! 

Ensure you have a strong “split step” in your game. So, as your opponent makes contact with the ball, make a small jump on the spot, with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, apart. This will allow you pivot into any type of shot with ease and precision, helping you to find a good contact point on shots more consistently and ensuring you’re not caught out of position on court.

Improper Equipment

Many beginner tennis players don’t realize the value of having the right tennis equipment before they start their tennis journey, but quickly realize the immense importance, moments after they start hitting balls! are one of the world’s leading tennis racket and string review websites, so are an awesome place to go to research which tennis racket and string is right for your ability level and physicality. Over the course of your tennis career, you’ll find that you change equipment several times, as there is an enormous range of tennis equipment out there to suit your type of game style and ability, as you continue to progress.

For beginner players, it’s best to start with a racket that offers a big sweet spot and a larger head size to allow plenty of forgiveness for off-center ball strikes. In the Babolat Racket Range, you could look at the Pure Drive Series.

Using the Wrong Grip on Serve

Almost all beginners hold the tennis racket in the wrong way, purely because they haven’t been shown how to properly hold the racket for different strokes. Also, what “feels” natural when you first pick up a racket is going to make the sensation of a proper tennis grip feel very weird to start with! Don’t worry though – stick with it and it’s going to feel amazing very quickly!

To hit your serve, you need the continental grip

To find this, simply, “shake hands” with the racket, with the edge of the racket pointing directly at the floor. This grip will allow you to, essentially, “throw” the racket at the ball to generate maximum power, as opposed to “patting” the ball over net with the wrong grip.