Life moves forward even when we lack the energy to keep up. Here are some ways you can keep up and maybe even stay one step ahead.

Take Energy Supplements

You may already take medications to treat a condition. But, sometimes supplementing the medication with natural energy boosters will help you feel better.

Vitamin B12 

Also known as cobalamin, this vitamin helps to improve memory, concentration, mood, and energy levels. It helps the body produce DNA and red blood cells, regenerate mucous membranes and bone marrow, and keep your nervous system healthy.

That all adds to your sense of wellbeing. But, the real energy boost comes from B12s role in converting food into glucose for ATP production.


Research suggests that about 80% of people around the world suffer from iron deficiency. This can lead to malaise, fatigue, and more serious health issues over time.

Your doctor may prescribe iron supplements or medications, like birth control, that contain iron to keep your levels up. Learn more about how you can order your prescriptions online.


This medicinal mushroom contains more than 215 phytonutrients. They contain properties that act on the brain to boost mood and energy.

Chaga also contains antioxidants. These chemicals remove harmful free radicals to keep our cells healthy and slow the aging process.

You can take Chaga in supplement form, or you can ingest it. Taking it regularly may help improve your overall health.


Health experts suggest that you should do aerobic exercises for at least 150 minutes per week so you can have more energy. Though exercise uses energy, it actually helps increase your energy by raising your heart rate to pump nutrient-rich blood through all of your cells and by boosting your metabolism.

Not everybody has the discipline to go to the gym and bang out a good workout. Some fun ways to get in your aerobics include:

  • Dancing
  • Boxing
  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • Team sports, like swimming, basketball, or hockey

Shoot for sessions that last at least a half-hour so you can be more energetic.


Meditation calms the mind and completely relaxes your body. So, how does this creative energy?

As your body goes into this deep relaxation, your cells heal. The practice also reduces anxiety.

Both of these results of meditation help you feel better physically and mentally, which results in more energy. Try 10-minute sessions once a day to begin and see how it changes your life.

Live Energized

Now that you know how to feel better physically and increase your energy, make small changes to fit in these practices into your daily life. Remember, focusing on you gives you more energy for others.

We want to see you live a more energetic and happy life. Read more strategies for real-life on our website!