You will need:

rubbing alcohol
sturdy zip lock bags gallon size
mixing spoon
white rice (not instant)
liquid food coloring
cookie sheet / drying tray
storage container or baggie

1. In a gallon sized zip lock bag mix 2 tsp of rubbing alcohol and food coloring. (5 drops makes a pastel color and 25 makes a dark, deep color. Use any amount in between to create your perfect shade!)

2. Mix a bit and add 2 cups of White Rice

3. Zip the baggie closed and mix rice inside well until evenly coated.

4. Open the bag and pour from bag onto cookie sheet.

5. Spread out flat to dry.

6. Set in a cool dry place or in the sun. It will dry in 15 – 30 minutes depending. ( allow enough time for the alcohol to evaporate to eliminate smell)

25 drops for the darker shade and 5 drops for the lighter shade.

Once dry, store in an airtight container.

Ready to use for sensory and art projects!