Blue is a wonderful choice for a gift basket because it is a favorite color of many. Blue represents feelings of calm, serenity, mental clarity and confidence. The range of hues in blue is gorgeous and each shade is beautiful on its own. Another cool thing about using blue as a gift basket theme is that blue items are easy to find. Today we are going to make a blue themed gift basket for a woman of any age. This is also a good gift for teenage girls. 

The Process:

  1. First you will need to decide how big your basket will be. If you have specific gift items in mind, be sure to pick a container that will accommodate their sizes. If you want to make a smaller gift similar to mine, a berry basket will do just fine. 
  2. Next, gather your supplies such as blue paper filler and if preferred clear cellophane and blue ribbon to wrap it in. 
  3. Next, shop for the gifts. Your basket can be specifically tailored to your budget and the person you are giving it to. For our smaller and more affordable gift basket, shop places like the dollar store, Amazon and TJ Maxx. I found the canister of tea, whale tea infuser and rings on Amazon. The nail polish and mask were from Walgreens, the bracelet, earrings and salve from boutiques and lastly the soap and headscarf from Target. 

Here is a list of items that can help you pack your gift basket:

  • Greeting card for the occasion.
  • Gift card
  • Facial masks
  • Nail Polish
  • Toe separators
  • Foot cream
  • Specialty drink
  • Custom cup or mug
  • Tea
  • Drink Packets
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Treats 
  • Jewelry
  • Makeup
  • Lotions
  • Home fragrance
  • Small candle
  • Journal
  • Gel pens

  1. Now that you have everything you need, it is just a matter of assembly. Generously fill the basket to the top with shredded paper filler. One by one add the items starting with the greeting card and/or taller items in the back. 
  2. If you are going to wrap your gift in cellophane, now is the time to center the basket, pull up the sides and tie the top with a bow. 

This blue themed basket is a beautiful gift for any woman. The fact that you hand chose each item is sure to warm the recipient’s heart and make her feel extra special.