We often tell ourselves that it is easy for celebs to look stylish and put together at all times since they sit on a pile of cash. But believe it or not, you don’t need a team of personal assistants, beauticians, stylists, and makeup artists to look classy. Style doesn’t equal money, and you can look amazing no matter your income level. With just a touch of creativity and a bit of effort, you can look like a cover girl. Here are several tips that will help you achieve your goal. 

Avoid cheap knockoffs

If you have watched Sex and the City (and who hasn’t), you probably remember the episode in season three when the girls went to LA and Samantha bought a fake Fendi purse. It seemed authentic until Samantha unzipped it and revealed a horrid inside lining. That is the point, every knockoff has a detail that uncovers its true identity, and cheap copies look exactly like that – cheap. Therefore, if you cannot afford genuine Birkin or Manolo Blahnik shoes, don’t buy knockoffs from lower-end designers. You yourself are an original, so don’t wear anything fake (except fur). You won’t fool anyone except yourself.

Buy only the items you need

How many times did you go on a shopping spree just because you were nervous about your job interview or a first date with someone you like? Or you were stressed about something else and you wanted to unwind? Spending your salary on a bunch of things you don’t need is a waste of money, and this way you won’t be able to invest in something you could really use. Instead of buying random, cheap items you won’t even wear and that you just bought on the spur of the moment, save money to invest in a quality item that you will wear for years to come and that will look amazing on you. 

Accessories are everything

Any outfit can look like it has fallen out of a magazine if you use the right accessories. Hats, belts, bags, and various jewelry pieces can transform your bland outfit into a stylish and chic ensemble. For example, gemstone jewelry can always enhance your look and add a touch of elegance to it, so check these rings

Find a good tailor

If you want to look good in something, it needs to fit you like a glove. Unfortunately, more affordable items are cheaper for a reason. More are made at once, which can result in disproportionate pieces. It is not unusual for one sleeve to be a hair longer, or one leg to be a smidge tighter. Also, sizes in lower-cost stores are often irregular. Due to this, you might have a hard time finding something that suits you perfectly. However, there is no reason to panic. Look for a good tailor in your area and they will be able to turn your clearance rack find into a fabulous custom piece. 

Go with solids

Monochrome items often look more expensive than colorful ones. Just compare a simple black dress to a floral one, and you will see what we are talking about. Monochrome pieces are always in style, while patterns come and go out of fashion. In addition, lower-priced garments often try to copy runway prints which often results in a disaster.

Maintain your clothes

If you have listened to our advice and went with quality, not quantity, you should make an effort to properly maintain your clothes. Therefore, polish your shoes regularly, and get them resoled whenever needed. When you are washing your clothes, follow the instructions on the labels, don’t just wing it. Also, after you take off your clothes hang them up, don’t just throw them on the floor. When you properly care for your clothing items, they will look better and last longer. 

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t necessarily require a million dollars. Follow these tips and you will dazzle everyone with your sense of style. 

Image Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/GfQtCsCD8Nk