How I Am Creating A New Me in 2018 with Affirmations & Vision Boards

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I have never been one to set goals at New Year’s because mine are constantly changing throughout my life rather than throughout the calendar year. In 2018 however, I am at a new point in my life where I want to embrace the concept of a new me in the new year and plan on setting goals in ways that I never have before. I have decided to say “yes!” to my dreams in 2018!

I am a sensible person who has preferred empirical thinking over dreams and logic over faith. In April of 2017 I made a courageous change regarding my career. It was out of my comfort zone to begin with but I became a bit unhinged when I put in the work but did not see the results that I had expected. Recently I started thinking that maybe I needed to think “outside the box” and do things differently (rather than repeat what I was doing and hoping to see different results) so I have embraced this new way of thinking. For the first time in my life I’ve begun harnessing my creativity to inspire my goals using affirmations and vision boards.

It is exciting to have a new way of looking at things this year. The concept behind affirmations and vision boards is that since our dreams and goals are visible, they are always on our minds and in turn, the things that are on our minds become manifested in our lives.

Affirmations and vision boards help us focus on how we feel about the journey of reaching our goals rather just on the concrete goals we set for ourselves. They allow us to imagine and practice how it will feel when we achieve our aspirations. All of that positive energy is said to help move things in the right direction within the laws of the universe. I believe that this gives us the option to think bigger than we thought we could and to look further than our fears. “Dream Big” is a positive affirmation that I have been using to keep my head in this new way of reaching my own success. I can already tell that this is much more inspirational.

The internet is awesome for finding affirmations whenever I need them, but I came up with some that belong just to me and my situation. This is one of my favorites; “I believe in my own creative energy that leads me to success and I choose happiness every step of the way”.

Vision boards are typically done with paper, scissors and glue but living in a paperless world does not lend me to having the resources I need for that route. I am on my computer all day and all night (only a slight exaggeration) so I made a digital vision board that I use as my home screen and it is really working for me! I loved choosing my favorite fonts and colors.


I want to go to the gym more often and have more stamina. I want to be successful working from home. I want to buy a new laptop. I want to take my family on a fun vacation to a warm beach. I want to use more of my creativity and stifle myself less. I want to DREAM BIG and succeed!

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14 thoughts on “How I Am Creating A New Me in 2018 with Affirmations & Vision Boards

  1. Love your positive energy. I like the affirmation“I believe in my own creative energy that leads me to success and I choose happiness every step of the way” will be my moto too.

  2. I am similar in that I don’t really set yearly goals because they are always changing. I prefer to choose a few words to try to live by. I haven’t tried making a vision board yet, but I really like this idea!

  3. I am a huge believer that we need to “see” our dreams and goals in front of us in order for us to make the changes we need to have them come true. I still have a vision board I made a few years ago and I look at it every day. #client

  4. I love your vision board! I think setting a vision for yourself is almost better than goals. If you have an idea of where you want to be or who you want to be it’s easier to work out the steps. Haven’t heard of this soup brand will have to see if I can find them.

  5. love the inspiring vision board! words have power, when you look at motivating and inspiring quotes/sayings it can really change your mood and help you achieve anything! thanks for sharing your goals/ bog dreams ; )

  6. I really like the idea of a vision board! I feel like it’s easy to start making things too complicated when we try to set a goal – just keep it simple and fun and something you can stick to. I really like the energy!

  7. yes! Seriously! Vision boards are so helpful and theyre actually really relaxing to make! Reminds me of my old scrapbooking days…except much less expensive and more fun! LOL

  8. This is a great way to create a positive mindset. I can see how keeping the board in a prominent place year round will help keep you focused on your dreams too. 🙂

  9. Good luck with your goals for 2018! I feel if we believe in ourselves we will achieve our goals and vision boards are a great tool and like how you have made yours digital.

  10. I really like your vision board. I think it is a great idea to creative a digital one. That soup looks so tasty too.

  11. I love your vision board! I haven’t tried any of the Well Yes! soups yet. I need to look for them the next time I go to the grocery store. They look like they may be really good. Thanks for the giveaway!

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