One of the things that a lot of pregnant women are concerned about is their skin. Needless to say, the body undergoes a lot of changes and pressures when carrying a life to term and few of these changes are quite as visible at what your skin goes through. While many women come to terms with an accept the changes their body goes under, here are a few tips if you want to avoid some of the worst of it.


The body undergoes big hormonal changes in pregnancy and one of those hormones, progesterone, leads to more production of sebum, an oil that can cause breakouts even if you haven’t had them in years. While it doesn’t directly target breakouts, hemp oil can definitely help in treating it, as it’s able to moisturize your skin but without having to clog up your pores, meaning that your natural oils don’t get trapped, leading to spots.

Stretch marks 

As can be expected, your skin is going to get stretched out a lot by pregnancy, so stretch marks are bound to follow. There are few ways to entirely get rid of these marks, but microdermabrasion treatments can be very effective in reducing their appearance as best as possible. Their appearance will also fade to some degree as your weight gets back to normal.

Dark spots

Another effect of the hormone changes raging through the body after a pregnancy. In fact, it takes around six months for hormones to normalize after breastfeeding. While dermatologists can recommend clinical treatments for pgiemntation issues, glycolic acid peels can help you peel off the darker skin cells sitting at the very top level of skin. The skin resurfacing can also help you bring out some more youthful looking and smoother skin in general, as well.

Dry skin

Your skin can become drier and more irritable for a variety of reasons following a pregnancy. For one, the hormonal changes will lead to some sensitivity in your skin. Then you have the fact that you’re likely to be dealing with more fatigue than usual, which can make dermatitis worse. There are even some cases in which pregnancy can cause thyroid issues that lead to your skin becoming much more sneistive. Taking care of dry skin means moisturizing but you want to be careful not to use mineral oils, as these and synthetic chemicals tend to damage the skin barrier, leading to more sensitivity issues.


The mixture of hormonal changes and fatigue will also interrupt the production of collagen, the substance that revitalizes your skin, keeping it youthful and firm for longer. As a result, many women start to notice a stark contrast in how quickly wrinkles appear before and after baby. Improving the skin barrier can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

There’s no changing the fact that having a baby is going to result in some physical and visual changes to your body. However, the tips above can help you manage some of those changes to some degree.