Now the days are getting longer, many of us have started thinking about spring and the inevitable spring cleaning that comes with it.

It’s incredibly satisfying to root through all of your closets, drawers, and boxes and get rid of those items of clothing that you just don’t wear anymore. Not only that, but it’s a great way to make a little money or even completely refresh your wardrobe. 

Sell them online

If your clothes are in good condition, why not sell them on and make a little profit? There are lots of different places you can go to sell your clothes, so it’s worth trying a few:

  • ThredUP probably won’t make you the most money. However, they are possibly the easiest option as you simply send them a bag full of clothes and then they will tell you how much they are worth and send you a payment. Simple.
  • Poshmark is a social selling platform, so you’ll take photos of your items and then negotiate with potential buyers on a price. People do tend to be looking for a bargain, but you can still make a decent amount of money.
  • eBay is one of the most popular selling sites. You have the potential to make the most profit on eBay, but you will need to put in the legwork yourself to get your clothes in front of the right buyers.


If you’re going to sell your clothes online, do check that they are actually in good condition before you post the listing, or you will likely end up with poor reviews. It’s also worth spending a little time giving them an iron and ensuring you take the best possible photograph, paying attention to lighting and composition.


If there are any items of clothing where you really love the pattern or print but just don’t find that that you wear them anymore, then upcycling can be a great option.

Upcycling means that you repurpose your clothing, so you might turn a sweater into a pillow, for example. If you aren’t good with a needle, there are even companies out there who will make t shirt blankets for you out of all of your favorite t shirts!

Clothes swap party

If you have friends who have just as many clothes as you do, then you can’t go far wrong with a clothing swap party.

The idea is that each person attending the party brings a set amount of clothing that they want to swap. All the clothes are laid out in such a way that everyone can see them, and then everyone chooses an item or items that they would like to take.

It’s a good idea to set a limit; otherwise, you can end up with far too many clothes to reasonably get through! It also means that everyone ends up bringing roughly the same amount of clothes.

Donating them

Donating your clothes to Goodwill is a great way to do some good, provided that you make sure that they are in good enough condition that they can actually sell them on. Donating ripped or worn clothing to Goodwill actually creates extra work for them because they have to sort and recycle the clothing.