*Disclosure:The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op

I love sharing my happy childhood memories with my own children. When I was shopping at Target I was excited to see Big G Monster Cereals in throwback packaging from when I was young! I bought these three classic monster cereals (and the new snack treats) and brought them home for the kids. My youngest son has a real knack for cooking and he decided that he wanted to use these Halloween treats to make some Spooky Sushi! I loved this idea so we got out some wax paper and marshmallow fluff and we were ready to share our fun foodtivity!

Have FUN with your family by making spooky sushi with #retromonstercereal  #PlatefullCoOp #paid breakfast cereal and snack treats jenny @dapperhouse

How to make Spooky Sushi 

1. Put a layer of wax paper down to keep the area clean and prevent sushi from sticking to counter top.

2. Unwrap either FrakenBerry or BooBerry fruit roll ups and lay them on the wax paper.


3. Using a rolling pin, flatten a Count Chocula Treat Bar. Place on top of the fruit rollups.

4.  Cover Roll Ups and/or flattened treats with a layer of marshmallow fluff.

How to make snack sushi from breakfast cereal and treats @dapperhouse #retromonstercereal  #PlatefullCoOp #paid


5. Cover the marshmallow fluff with pieces of your favorite monster cereals.

6. Roll up from one end to the other and slice into one inch pieces.

7. top with marshmallow pieces from the monster cereals and serve with chopsticks for some fun!

BIG G General Mills Monster Cereals in Throwback packaging exclusively at Target #retromonstercereal, #PlatefullCoOp and #paid @dapperhouse

Another fun thing about these cereal boxes is that there are cutout masks on the back for quick dress-ups. Need a costume, this is sure to be a huge hit at every door, just pair with some warm clothes!

Monsters snacks are also perfect for giving out as Halloween treats!

Spooky Sushi Treats jenny at dapperhouse  #retromonstercereal #PlatefullCoOp #paid

Head over to Target to get your own Retro Monsters cereals! Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry cereals have also inspired some new Monsters snack items for your family to enjoy as well. Try Count Chocula Treats, Boo Berry Fruit Roll-Ups and Franken Berry Fruit Roll-Ups in special retro packaging too. Happy Halloween!!

Fun ways to make food dessert sushi with your kids @dapperhouse #retromonstercereal #PlatefullCoOp #paid