I admit it . . . 
my family and I are soda pop Lovers!
Something about carbonation makes us Crazy for the stuff.
“Oh so bubbly.  So Refreshing.  Mmmm.”
I am Super excited that Soda Stream sent me a 
machine of my own to try out at home.
For a soda addict this is a rush!
For an Environmental Activist it is a dream come true!
The machine is so simple to use. 
You need batteries & you don’t plug it in.
1. The Co2 container gets screwed into the back of the unit.
2. The 1 Liter Bottle filled with cold water gets screwed on the front.
3 quick Puffs of Carbonation 
4. You choose from the 60  flavors of various types of drinks
that soda stream has available
and add it to the water. 
Don’t shake to  mix, or the carbonation will be lost.
I just gently tilt the bottle back and forth to mix 
and it works GREAT.
Ta DA!
(refreshing sparkling water on a hot day )
The number one reason I LOVE this product is that there is 
SUCH little waste that I am making a 
BIG impact on the environment. 
Buy Not buying sodas I am helping the environment too.
That makes me Really Happy!
More reasons I LOVE Soda Stream . . .
This is a much better choice for me financially. 
Just one of the refillable carbonators makes up to 110 bottles/liters of soda 
which equals approximately 310 soda cans which means that my one bottle 
frees the environment of 2000 cans and bottles,
AND my total cost per glass is 
only 25 cents!
I can make it healthier. 
One regular serving of Pepsi and Coke have 
100 cal. – 27g carbs – 27g sugar
The same serving of delicious Soda Stream Cola has
34 cal –  9g carbs –  9g sugar  
That’s HUGE
My son loves mixing and making his own flavors of sparkling water.
And no more lugging cases of soda from the grocery store. 
My family has used our soda stream Every Day since we got it 
& we recommend it to YOU!
This also makes a VERY Cool Gift for 
“the person who has everything”.  



THANKS Soda Stream!

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse