Day 1
Where do I draw my energy? Energy to get me through the day?  I am Always tired. I feel that I could nap at any point in the day on any given day. Especially in the freezing, dreary winter months. So I need to find where I can draw energy from being that I am an everyday coffee drinker/lover but caffeine doesn’t necessarily make me awake. (I go to sleep looking forward to my warm coffee with a spoonful of hot cocoa mix and 3 drops of peppermint extract with a splash of soy milk, so coffee does make me quite happy, but not energized). I don’t do yoga or meditate to refresh and rejuvenate my mental self. Since I was a child I have used physical exercise (mainly running)  to create my energy, but since my knees lost their cartilage and I had a surgery last April I have been unable to even walk at a fast pace. I am hoping that in this new year the doctor will find a solution for me so that I can run again. That would make me as happy as I can even dream of being. I suppose that I use snacking as a way to keep my focus and energy up. It is turning my jeans into sausage casings that barely contain my legs which makes me feel bad. I lost 9 pounds a couple of weeks ago but gained that back since then by eating lots of warm comfort foods and cheeses. Is there a way (without exercise) to really be energized and refreshed? A bath, massage, pedicure…all those things that are suggested to women would only make me more tired. I do find myself more energized when hanging out with friends, like it gives me a second wind and I get a little hyper from being able to socialize. And perhaps if I began hosting a party every weekend it would motivate me to clean my home! The “two birds with one stone” or “Win-Win” as they say.
Being at work as a substitute teacher with the 5 and younger crowd definitely gives me energy. Looking at the world through young children’s eyes makes everything exciting, active and FUN!

You may see posts in the blogosphere with the hashtag  #NaBloPoMo  .  This is a monthly series of blog prompts that bloggers agree to write about each day. I have agreed to try my best to participate in as many prompts this month as I can, but these will be SO Much MORE FUN if you leave comments on each post telling me YOUR opinions, YOUR ideas and YOUR actions. I don’t want to hear what I already know about myself!!! I want to learn something from you, or at least get to know you better. Please participate with me by commenting on the content with your own take of the topic. This month’s theme is energy.

Where do you draw your energy from?

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse