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Forget the “Summer Body”

People prep for summer as if it’s a body competition but forget the “summer body”. With the huge body-positive movement that’s happening nowadays, “a summer body” shouldn’t be in our vocabulary anymore. Instead, let’s start doing things that make us feel good inside and out all year long!

Being healthy and fit are not unrealistic but living a roller coaster of fad diets and feeling like a failure is not going to get you there. Stop stressing and start making real decisions that will get you to your goals. Getting healthier is about finding what works for your body and your lifestyle and making the commitment to you.

Use Your Resources to Make Healthier Choices

There are so many resources for people wanting to make healthy changes in their lives. PlateJoy for example can assist you in your health journey with taking the hassle out of meals. PlateJoy is not a meal delivery kit that delivers fresh food to cook. Instead, think of them as your personal meal planning assistant. They help you find food that suits you – your schedule, likes, goals – and then helps create a lifestyle that you can stick with.

It’s about flexibility, which normal diets and delivery kits don’t provide, and allows you to shop where you want and meal prep with the recipes. You’ll love this perfect-for-summer recipe of tasty stuffed avocados with radishes and sesame-miso dressing.

Stop Stressing and Enjoy Your Summer

So, stop beating yourself up and get a new, realistic mindset so you can enjoy your summer. And seriously, check out PlateJoy for healthy habits that will last all year!

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