When you have a baby, you want to offer him or her the best care in the world. Sometimes, babies have bad days. One of the things that can make your baby be upset and fussy is colic. Because of this problem, babies tend to get fussy. In order to avoid gas and colic, there are a few products that can help your baby.

A Doctor examines and massaging baby tummy

In this article, we are going to present you 5 anti-colic products to help your baby avoid this problem. From the best anti colic bottles to the best anti colic drops, you can choose the product that work for your baby. Remember that colic can affect 1 in 5 babies. You don’t have to give your baby any special medication for this condition.

  1. Anti-colic Bottles

One of the best anti colic products is a special bottle. Nowadays, you can find different brands and models of anti-colic bottles. If you bottle fed you, baby, you should try out some of these great anti-colic bottles. All of them have special vents that eliminate the air bubbles and the vacuum caused by regular bottles.

With the help of these products, you can avoid the digestive discomfort which seems to be the most common cause of colic. Some of the best anti-colic bottles are made by MAM and Dr. Brown. You should purchase one bottle from 2 or 3 brands and see which one if better for your baby.

  1. Infacol

This is a great product for babies. It is especially designed to eliminate gas from the digestive system of your baby. The main ingredient of this product is simethicone. This is an anti-flatulent ingredient that helps your baby burp.

Because of this ingredient, the smaller gas bubbles turn into bigger one which are eliminate afterwards as wind or by burping. This will help relieve the pain caused by gas which it common for bottle fed babies. It can be administered before the feed with a syringe or a dropper.

  1. Anti-colic Formula

Another product that can help your baby when he or she is colicky is an anti-colic formula. Some moms also recommend to switch to a soy-based formula which can help gassy babies. There are also great milk formulas that don’t contain lactose. Because of this thing, they are easier to digest by small babies.

If you baby has problems with both soy and milk formulas then you should try a hypoallergenic infant formula like the one from Nutramigen. This can help almost any baby get rid of colic. It is also great for the development of the baby because it contains iron.

  1. Gripe Water

This was first invented in the 1840. Since then it was used to help babies who suffer from tummy pains and colic. The original formula contained alcohol. In order to make the Woodward’s Gripe Water suitable for babies, the product was revamped to eliminate the alcohol from its composition.

Now, it is available in a 150 ml bottles and it is a budget- friendly remedy for colicky babies. Unfortunately, there is not scientific evidence that can prove if this actually works. Despite this fact, a lot of moms mentioned that is was good for their babies.

  1. Biogaia Drops

Another great product that can help you baby get rid of colic is a probiotic. These drops are great at soothing babies who suffer from colic and gas. This product was also tested by researchers and it proved its alleviating effect on babies who suffer from colic.

Babies who take these drops tend to be less constipated and have less digestive problems. Also, they have fewer regurgitations. You can try this product for your baby and see who he or she responds to it. In order for the drops to work, you need to give your baby about 5 drops every day.

These are just some of the multitude of products that can help you baby avoid colic and gas. All of these products help the underdeveloped digestive system of the baby. It is important to test them and see how your baby responds. Also, you need to check out different reviews to see if any babies had problems with a certain product.

Colic don’t have a known cause. The most commonly accepted cause is gas. In order to avoid this problem, you can also try holding the baby in the tiger position. A massage can also be a good remedy that can alleviate the pain caused by colic. Just try these remedies and see which one works best for your little one.

Brianna is a proud mommy and a co-founder of MomCrib.com, a website where she writes about toys, gear, and accessories for babies and toddlers. 

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