Your home is an investment–that much should be obvious. But unlike some investments that we pour money into, our homes are typically treated different and without the same level of respect that they deserve. Think about it this way; do you take care of your garden, do you maintain your roof and do you always fix structural problems? Do you even realize if there are problems in your home?

To help you out, we’re going to list five of the most commonly neglected areas in the home that you should always be treated with great care.

Your roof

Your roof is the only thing defending you from the elements. It suffers damage in order to protect you, which is why it’s crucial to rely on companies like Wildwood to help identify damage and repair it before it gets out of hand. Whether it’s missing tiles or debris on your roof, it requires a lot of care and maintenance if you want it to protect you.


Your foundation

Your foundation is what your home is built on. Foundation damage typically happens as a result of neglect, but it can also happen due to the earth around you being unstable. The typical signs of a damaged foundation typically include moisture in your basement, bent walls or even uneven floors.


Your structure

The structure of your home includes walls, pillars and so on. It’s closely related to the foundation of your home, but there are times where damage can occur with the foundation still being stable. Drywall cracks, cabinets that open on their own and even uneven floors could indicate structural damage in your home that needs to be fixed immediately.


Your garden

People don’t realize how important their garden is. While most people see it as an extra piece of land to dress up and decorate, the way you take care of your garden can also influence your home. For instance, if you have a damaged fence, then it could invite pests and rodents. If you have large trees that you don’t prune, then bugs and critters can climb onto those trees and land on your roof.


Your exterior

Exterior generally means any part of the home that involves the outside. Places you want to look for damage include your siding and your gutters. Gutters can quickly fill with junk especially if you have large overhead trees, and siding can be damaged by weather effects which could lead to openings for drafts and rodents.

No matter how big or small your home is or how recent it was built, it’s incredibly important to look at these areas to ensure that you’re always treating your home with the respect it deserves. Some of these will take money to fix, but that’s fine if you consider that your home isn’t just a one-time investment, but an ongoing one. Whether it’s to increase your home value or prepare your home to be handed down to your children, you don’t want to neglect these points.