DIY with Kids – Make a Life Sized Robot

My son loves constructing things. He loves art, crafts and creativity. A while ago he wanted to make a life sized robot, so with boxes, spray paint, duck tape, and a whole lot of glue gun dad and I helped him make his robot buddy. Since his creation, the robot has been a bit of a family member in our home. He hangs out in various rooms, but most often the kitchen (the busiest room in the house”. Recently my son decided that his robot should have a makeover to replace some pieces that had fallen off and to get some newer pieces as “upgrades” in this ever changing technological world. This is such a fun project for children. You can make a robot any height depending on the boxes you want to use. I suggest that once the robot is glued together, you take it outside and spray paint the whole thing. This will cover up the words on the boxes, but also make a nice plain canvas for your child to add the robot parts. We did ours black, but you can do any color spray paint including metallic!

I took my son to garage sales, the dollar store and thrift stores to find small electronic items that he could take apart with dad’s tools and use for the robot parts. This is two great projects is one! It is important to have children use tools for fine motor skills. It is great for them to take things apart for problem solving skills and discover what is inside to gather new information. And it is just plain FUN!


(a box of parts from dismantling electronics)

You can help your child with the glue gun as I did the first time my son made his robot. I decided to let my sin have a go at the glue gun with my supervision to gain some independence and learn a new skill!

?????? ?

Here are some pictures of the new and improved ROBOT!


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Give kids things to take apart such as calculators, remotes,

telephones, broken, electronic games, etc. You can also get

things like plumbing supplies, wires and more for spare parts.

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This project kept him engaged, creative and thinking for over an

hour on a snowy morning! Great for a family project too.

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            Do It Yourself Robot


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12 thoughts on “DIY with Kids – Make a Life Sized Robot

  1. I get so many different size boxes from doing review and this would be a great weekend project!!! Thank you for this idea!

  2. You son did an amazing job! I love his robot, my son is 10 and he thought it was so cool. This would be a great project for him to do and keep him busy and entertained 🙂

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