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I really LOVE this craft because it can be transposed to anything and everything! No matter what you love, you can make it into a unique and crafty statue sure to bring some fun and beauty to your home or office. It could be anything from a pig or a baseball or even fake fruit! Not only that but it spans across many ages and skill levels. Use this fun activity as a way to spend quality time with your child in 30 minutes or less! This is a tutorial on how to make your own DIY washi tape animal statue craft project.

Featured DIY Project at jenny at dapperhouse - Hoe to make a washi tape statue craft

You will need:

  • the item you wish to turn into your statue
  • white spray paint
  • assorted colors and styles of washi tape

DIY How to Make a Unique Washi Tape Statue Decor - jenny at dapperhouse #craft

How to make your statue:

Finding something to use as a statue is easier than you might think! You can dig down into the bottom of your child’s toy chest or browse the aislesĀ of a thrift store. You can pick virtually anything you like to turn into a crafty and creative work of home decor art. I used a plastic pig toy.

DIY How to make a washi tape statue for FUN decor - jenny at dapperhouse

Make sure that your item is clean from any obvious grease or residue.

Use the white spray paint to apply a thin, even coat of paint to your statue. Let dry completely and spray again until all surfaces are covered.

How to make this fun animal washi tape craft - home decor - trendy DIY tutorial - jenny at dapperhouse

TIP: The reason you spray it white is because the washi tape is translucent so to keep the colors bright and even, you want the base to be all white.

Once the paint is dry, you can begin to apply the washi tape. Luckily this type of tape tears easily so you can add layers quickly and easily. Use your imagination and creativity to apply the tape in designs that look cool to you!

Washi Tape Craft How to make a DIY statue for home decor - jenny at dapperhouse

TIP: You can cover the entire surface or leave white spaces showing through. Try different patterns like stripes or wrapping or small bits of tape layered over each other.

Once you are done, you are literally done! This is such an easy and fun craft that you can do it with children and adults of all ages. You can do it on a small scale for parties and they can take it home as a souvenir. You can do it on a large scale as a trendy and colorful home decor item. Even make one as a thoughtful gift!

How to make a fun and unique washi tape statue - Craft from jenny at dapperhouse

What type of washi tape statue are you going to make? Tell us in the comments below.

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