DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments & Garland

It is fun to craft during the holidays as a way to be creative and also to spend time together as a family! This DIY craft is easy to do and really fun. All ages can participate in one way or another and the decorations will look very festive on the tree. Here is how to make your own DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments & Garland.


  • pieces of stiff cardboard (I used a mailing box)
  • holiday themed scrapbook paper
  • piece of plain paper
  • ribbon, pipe cleaners, washi tape (any decorative supplies that are long and thin.)
  • holiday stickers (I used holly berries)
  • button, rhinestones and other embellishments
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • ornament hangers

Step 1:  Use the plain paper to draw the shape of a triangle Christmas tree. I did 4 1/2″ across the bottom and 5″ tall. Cut this out to use as your stencil.

Step 2: Use the stencil to outline the trees on the cardboard and cut them out. (Make as many as you want to)

Step 3: Use your stencil to trace the triangle onto your assorted holiday paper. You will need as many paper triangles as you have cardboard “trees”.

Step 4:  Follow the picture below and cut the trees into three even parts across the width of the paper.

Step 5: Glue the pieces of scrapbook paper onto the cardboard mixing and matching the holiday paper.

Step 6: Use your decorating supplies to put trim over the lines where the paper meets in the two spots on the “tree”.

Step 7: Flip the trees over and use the hot glue to secure the ornament hangers on the tips of the trees.

Step 8: Hang up your ornaments!

To Make the Garland:  Just hang the trees from a long length of twine. They look beautiful across a mantel.

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18 thoughts on “DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments & Garland

  1. This is a great activity to get the kids going and to have some fun during the holidays. This is wonderful thank you for sharing

  2. What an easy and fun craft to make. It takes hardly any materials and everything I already have on hand. These are going to be fun to make.

  3. My kids would love making these and putting them on our tree. A fun activity for the entire family.

  4. How cute, and I Iove that this really is easy enough for kids to do on their own. The ornaments look great! We have so many paper and fabric pieces, so I think we already have all the supplies we need.

  5. I have plenty of Cardboard! We may just have to make a bunch of these for the Christmas party. Decorate with a name, and they’d not only make a keepsake ornament, but also a perfect placemat

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