DIY Cardboard and Duck Tape Phone Stand Craft

I love watching netfilx in my bed at night, but I got tired of propping up my phone so I made this phone holder and wanted to share it with you!


  • medium sized cardboard box
  • craft scissors or cutting tool
  • duck tape
  • hot glue


Step 1. Draw out two identical shapes (as shown in the photo) with the following dimensions: (see photo for details.)

  • 5” tall along the back
  • 4 ½” long on the bottom
  • The section that holds the phone in place in the front is 2” tall, ½” across and ½” down. From here you make a horizontal line that is 1”.
  • At the top of the phone stand, make a horizontal line that is 2” long.
  • Take your ruler and set it at the end of the top line and the line where the phone is supported. Make a diagonal line to connect these two points.

Step 2. Measure and cut out another cardboard piece that is 5” wide and 2” tall

Step 3. Measure and cut a piece of cardboard that is 3 ½” across the bottom, 2 ¼” across the top and 3 ¾” tall.

Step 4. Measure and cut out a triangle that is 2 1/4 “ wide 1 3/4 “ tall

Step 5. Glue the backs of the two main pieces together leaving a 5” space in the front.

Step 6. Glue on the front piece on that is 5” x 2”.

Step 7. Glue on the piece that supports the back of the phone.

Step 8. Glue the triangle on top.

Step 9. Cover with duck tape.

All finished!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Cardboard and Duck Tape Phone Stand Craft

  1. Ha this is awesome. I just made something similar for my camera and then adjusted it to stick on the ceiling to help me with some projects. It’s amazing how a little thought, some cardboard, and duck tape can make a difference.

  2. So simple, yet so great! I need to make something similar to hold my kindle, I am always trying to bundle up blankets to prop it up when I am reading in bed at night.

  3. What a cute, easy and handy project. It gets the phone up, it’s useful and its cheap to make. Plus with all the colors and styles of duct tape the sky is the limit.

  4. This is great! And so useful. I think I might make one and take it with me on my 10 hour flight in case I don’t like the films on the plane and want to watch something of my own.

  5. This is definitely something I need! I used to have one for my iPad (which we now use as a puppy cam) so I may need to do a little DIY project for my phone to have the same luxury.

  6. Ive been seeing this do it yourself phone stand some tutorials go as far as making it out of straws and looking like a throne from the Game of Thrones… this one though is simple and very easy to follow!

  7. It is amazing what you can make from cardboard and tape. It just shows you can make something so useful from things just lying around the home.

  8. This is a good idea 🙂 I have created something similar myself for the very same reasons. I needed something to hold my phone while I wanted to watch videos on Youtube or Netflix. Nicely done 🙂

  9. This is such an easy and helpful craft. There is so many times that I can remember I have wished to have a phone stand and never had one.

  10. Wow, this is a creative, simple, and great way to DIY. Thanks for sharing, this could be my weekend project with my younger daughter

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