I love watching netfilx in my bed at night, but I got tired of propping up my phone so I made this phone holder and wanted to share it with you!


  • medium sized cardboard box
  • craft scissors or cutting tool
  • duck tape
  • hot glue


Step 1. Draw out two identical shapes (as shown in the photo) with the following dimensions: (see photo for details.)

  • 5” tall along the back
  • 4 ½” long on the bottom
  • The section that holds the phone in place in the front is 2” tall, ½” across and ½” down. From here you make a horizontal line that is 1”.
  • At the top of the phone stand, make a horizontal line that is 2” long.
  • Take your ruler and set it at the end of the top line and the line where the phone is supported. Make a diagonal line to connect these two points.

Step 2. Measure and cut out another cardboard piece that is 5” wide and 2” tall

Step 3. Measure and cut a piece of cardboard that is 3 ½” across the bottom, 2 ¼” across the top and 3 ¾” tall.

Step 4. Measure and cut out a triangle that is 2 1/4 “ wide 1 3/4 “ tall

Step 5. Glue the backs of the two main pieces together leaving a 5” space in the front.

Step 6. Glue on the front piece on that is 5” x 2”.

Step 7. Glue on the piece that supports the back of the phone.

Step 8. Glue the triangle on top.

Step 9. Cover with duck tape.

All finished!

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