The law that prohibits no texting while driving is most likely saving lives.
I am fine in Chicago where you must use a hands free cell phone device
and I don’t distract myself with the phone while I drive.
The thing that I don’t understand is that
working the phone to find and dial numbers to have a
hands free conversation is quite similar in distraction qualities
as texting, but is still allowed.
And using the GPS in your car is similar,
working your iPod to find music in the car, also similar.
There are many legal distractions that to me are on the same
level of distraction and danger as texting,
yet still allowed and not included in the safe driving campaigns,
Is it just me that is being a “goody goody”
or do I have a point that there should be laws that make more sense as
well as a campaign called “Don’t text and drive and all of this other stuff
that is dangerous while driving”?


What are some things that people do in the car that
you think are dangerous ?
My funniest observation of people doing things in the car
was a man with a harmonica attached to the neck gear
playing intensely as he was driving.
It was Great!!