Bobbleheads are so popular these days due to an option of ordering personalized or customized bobbleheads. There is no shortage of bobblehead makers that offer excellent quality and highly detailed bobbleheads at an incredibly low price. This trend allows you to make your own bobblehead cheap

Additionally, these bobblehead makers tend to have user-friendly websites that make ordering such a breeze. You can place an order by choosing from an extensive collection of themes or designs and selecting your preferred size, color, material, etc., after which you can then complete your order by clicking a button similar to when your ordering stuff amazon. 

Furthermore, the best thing about custom bobbleheads is that you can order a bobblehead of yourself by uploading several close-up photos. Bobblehead makers can create uncanny replicas of their customers either manually or through 3D printers.

Different Bobblehead Toys

Aside from being awesome collectibles, bobbleheads are also great kids’ toys. Custom bobbleheads provide you with countless possibilities. There can be a bobblehead for anything your kid likes, whether it’s superheroes, fairytales, action movie superstars, sports, etc.

If it takes you so long to find the best gift for your kid, you can get away from this trouble by taking a look at our top picks for custom bobblehead toys.

Marvel Superhero Bobbleheads

Perhaps the best present you can surprise your kid with at any occasion is his or her very own custom Ironman bobblehead figure. If your kid loves the Avengers’ movies, then this should not be an issue. It doesn’t have to be an Ironman bobblehead. It can be any of the superheroes from the film. 

What’s great about these bobbleheads is that they’re fully customizable. You can have a bobblehead with a combination of different body parts from the members of the Avengers team.

Anime Character Bobbleheads 

If your kid is into anime, there are plenty of popular characters you can use as a reference for the custom bobblehead. Goku from the Dragon Ball anime series is probably a safe choice as he is one of the best superheroes out there. This character has a massive fan base from all over the world. The anime has been running for over two decades, which is why the age range of fans includes 90’s kids.

Another choice is Pokémon, another 90’s show that taught our generation that we could be friends with animals. There is no shortage of Pokémon characters you can choose from, which is why one good suggestion is to have a whole set of Pokemon bobbleheads made. It will surely bring excitement to your kid’s eyes.

Sports Celebrity Bobbleheads

There are plenty of kids who are into sports as well. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, hockey, or pro wrestling, there is a lot of options to consider. Particularly, pro wrestling has a lot of famous characters such as The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton, etc.

Custom Bobblehead Character

One of the best ideas we can offer is to turn your kid into his/her favorite character. It could be a superhero, a prince, or a famous basketball player. There are so many options for kids’ bobble head toys, and if you run out of ideas, the internet would have endless suggestions for you.