Advertising is probably the most important tool in the marketing of your organizations’ products or services. This is because advertising influences almost 90% of the customer’s decisions to buy products from a particular brand. 

One great way to use advertising to market your brand is by working with an advertising agency. A reputable advertising agency with specialized knowledge in your industry will greatly benefit your organization regardless of the size and your advertising budget. Check out this website for the best advertising agencies in New York City so that you can begin to take advantage of this type of marketing strategy sooner rather than later. 

Why is advertising important for your brand or organization? Here are a few reasons why.  

1. Advertising Helps To Increase Sales

Closing sales is very important for your brand because without it you will not have a business. Advertising ensures that there is a conversion of prospects into customers and this is what increases sales. When you advertise with a clear goal and you practice consistency over a significant amount of time, you can be sure that the public will be more aware of your brand and as a result, you will attract more customers. 

2. Brand Recognition

As an entrepreneur, one of your key concerns should be brand reputation. This is because a solid brand reputation will affect sales and revenue as customers will feel safe when buying products from your organization. 

Advertising, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, provides your brand with a free of charge platform to advertise and build your brand. Advertising on social media where you have a large following can actually transform public opinion and make your target audience see your brand in a more favorable way.  

3. Credibility

Advertising on a local publication such as a local magazine or a newspaper can build credibility for your brand or organization. Statistics have shown that customers are more likely to purchase products from brands they trust. 

When you advertise your brand in a way that builds trust and credibility, you will be on your way to becoming a market leader that outperforms competitors. Remember, many people look for advice from local publications and websites. When you strategically position your adverts on a trusted source, your potential customers will not just look at them as adverts but as recommendations to get the best products. 

4. Advertising Creates Awareness for New Products

If your organization wants to launch a new product or announce the grand opening of a new store, advertising will make a perfect ground for the product. Advertising creates awareness and informs the masses about the new products and services that your organization has introduced so that they can come and try them out. 

5. Advertising Can Help You Grow Your Social Media Following

Social media advertising is a powerful way of getting more email subscribers and more social media followers. Since social media is a networking and communication platform, it is easier for your brand to create its voice through these channels. Customers appreciate the efforts that brands make to personally respond to their comments on social media and once you get your followers’ trust, you will have a better chance of getting your message in front of them.